State Council's opinion on accelerating the development of tourism

[] People's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions of the State Council, and their respective agencies: Tourism is a strategic industry with low resource consumption, large driving factors, and many employment opportunities.

[] The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions under the State Council, and their respective agencies:

Tourism is a strategic industry with low resource consumption, large driving factors, many employment opportunities and good comprehensive benefits. Since the reform and opening up, China's tourism industry has developed rapidly, the scale of the industry has continued to expand, and the industrial system has become increasingly sophisticated. At present, China is in the period of rapid industrialization and urbanization. The increasing popularity and diversified consumer demand have provided new opportunities for tourism development. In order to give full play to the positive role of tourism in maintaining growth, expanding domestic demand, and adjusting structure, the following opinions are proposed to accelerate the development of tourism:

First, the overall requirements

(1) Guiding ideology. Guided by Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thinking of the "Three Represents", we will thoroughly implement the scientific development concept, further emancipate the mind, deepen reform and opening up, strengthen overall coordination, change development methods, enhance development quality, and develop tourism into a national economy. The modern pillar industry is more satisfied with the modern service industry.

(2) Basic principles. Adhere to reform and opening up, remove institutional and institutional obstacles, give full play to the basic role of market allocation of resources, take the intensive development path, achieve the unity of speed, structure, quality and efficiency; adhere to people-oriented, safety first, and management in service Continue to meet the growing demand for tourism consumption of the people; adhere to domestic tourism as the focus, actively develop inbound tourism, develop outbound tourism in an orderly manner; adhere to local conditions, highlight advantages, promote the development of tourism in various regions; adhere to energy conservation and environmental protection, rational use Resources to achieve sustainable tourism development.

(3) Development goals. By 2015, the scale of the tourism market will further expand. The number of domestic tourists will reach 3.3 billion, with an average annual growth rate of 10%. The number of overnight visitors will reach 90 million, with an average annual growth rate of 8%. The number of outbound tourists will reach 83 million, with an average annual growth. 9%. Tourism consumption has grown steadily, urban and rural residents have traveled more than twice a year, and tourism consumption is equivalent to 10% of total household consumption. The economic and social benefits are more obvious. The total tourism revenue has increased by more than 12% annually. The added value of tourism has increased to 4.5% of the national GDP, accounting for 12% of the added value of the service industry. 500,000 new Jobs are created each year. The quality of tourism services has improved markedly, the market order has improved significantly, and the capacity for sustainable development has been significantly enhanced. We strive to achieve the level, quality and efficiency of China's tourism industry by 2020.

Second, the main task

(4) Deepening the reform and opening up of tourism. We will relax tourism market access, break down industry and regional barriers, simplify examination and approval procedures, encourage social capital to participate fairly in tourism development, and encourage all types of enterprises to invest in the tourism industry according to law. We will promote the restructuring and restructuring of state-owned tourism enterprises, support the development of private and small and medium-sized tourism enterprises, support the cross-industry, cross-regional and cross-ownership mergers and acquisitions of various enterprises, and cultivate a group of competitive large-scale tourism enterprise groups. Actively introduce foreign-funded tourism enterprises. On the basis of the pilot, the foreign-invested travel agency is gradually opening up to operate the outbound tourism business of Chinese citizens. Support qualified tourism companies to “go out”. In accordance with the requirements of overall coordination, formation of joint efforts, innovation of institutional mechanisms, and promotion of tourism management system reform. Support local comprehensive tourism reform and special reform pilots, and encourage qualified places to explore integrated management of tourism resources. Tourism administrative management and related departments should speed up the transformation of functions and transfer functions and institutions that should be undertaken by enterprises, industry associations and intermediary organizations. Within five years, the personnel and financial relations of various types of tourism industry associations at all levels should be decoupled from the tourism administrative departments.

(5) Optimizing the tourism consumption environment. Gradually establish a tourism destination evaluation mechanism based on tourist evaluation. The adjustment of the ticket price of the scenic spot shall be announced to the public six months in advance, and all travel charges shall be announced to the public as required. Fully implement the preferential policies for tourist attractions in the special scenic spots for the elderly and students. Increase the route flights and tourist trains between tourist destinations and major source areas, and improve the pre-sale and ticket purchase methods for passenger train tickets. The city bus service network should be gradually extended to the surrounding major scenic spots and rural tourist spots, and the road service area should expand the tourism service function. Further improve the self-driving tour service system. Standardize the guiding of spontaneous tourism activities. Museums, financial service outlets, postal service outlets, etc. should extend their opening and service hours appropriately during the tourist season. Public toilets of various types of business premises should be open to tourists. Establish and improve a tourism information service platform to promote the sharing of tourism information resources. Public media such as radio, television, newspapers, and websites should actively set up tourism columns and increase public awareness of tourism.

(6) Advocating a civilized and healthy way of tourism. In the whole society, we advocate health tourism, civilized tourism, and green tourism, so that urban and rural residents can increase their knowledge, broaden their horizons, and cultivate their sentiments in tourism activities. Tourist attractions such as scenic spots, hotels, and travel agencies must guide each and every tourist to voluntarily follow the "Convention on the Civilization of Domestic Citizens of Chinese Citizens" and the "Guidelines for the Civilization of Chinese Citizens' Travel and Tourism" Civilization and Civilization. Tourists must respect nature, respect local culture, respect service providers, resist bad atmosphere, and reject uncivilized behavior. Outbound tourists must maintain a good external image and be the messenger of Chinese civilization.

(7) Accelerate the construction of tourism infrastructure. Focus on building infrastructure such as tourist roads, scenic parking lots, tourist service centers, tourism safety, and resource environmental protection. Implement the renovation and expansion project of tourist toilets. Strengthen the construction of tourist roads connecting major scenic areas with traffic trunks. Planning and construction of waterway passenger terminals should fully consider the development needs of tourism. Accelerate the construction of the central and western feeder airports and improve the network of tourist routes. Ensure smooth communication between scenic spots and traffic. Strengthen the construction of tourist center in key cities. Through five years of hard work, the tourism traffic of all A-level scenic spots in the country is basically smooth, the tourist identification system is basically perfect, the tourist toilets are basically up to standard, and the scenic parking lot basically meets the needs.

(8) Promoting the diversified development of tourism products. Implement rural tourism and enrichment projects. Carry out unique agricultural tourism and experiential tourism activities. Under the premise of properly protecting the natural ecology, the original environment and the historical and cultural relics, we will make rational use of ethnic villages and ancient villages, build characteristic landscape tourism villages and towns, and standardize the development of tourism products such as “farmhouse music” and leisure farms. Relying on national cultural and natural heritage sites, we will create representative boutique scenic spots. Actively develop leisure and holiday tourism and guide the construction of leisure and holiday belts around the city. Promote the development of national tourist resorts in an orderly manner. Standardize the development of golf courses, large theme parks, etc. Continue to develop red tourism.

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