"Naked"? "Naked", for the safety of everyone!

The "naked" inspection of the airport began in the United States on the other side of the ocean. The bare inspection actually refers to the process of using a full-body scanning system to scan the entire body of a passenger using radio waves, so that the abnormal items hidden in the human body can be seen through the clothes. . The full-body scanner is designed to detect the presence of explosives or other dangerous goods on the passenger's body surface, but its near-naked scanning capability has caused controversy, but the United States, which has always been labeled as a human rights protection, does not seem to be intimidated by the controversy. After the "911" terrorist attacks in 2001, they began trials of full-body scans. After the bombing attempt in the United States last Christmas, the United States accelerated the pace of installing full-body scanners. It is said that 19 airports have officially used naked inspections. means. Some European countries and Japan are also close behind, and they have started or tried to use bare-check equipment at civilian airports. Recently, with the impact of the terrorist attacks on women in Russia, the world has once again paid close attention to the topic of counter-terrorism. It is reported that the "naked inspection" high-tech inspection equipment has attracted the attention of domestic authorities and has conducted preliminary research. Although this is only a topic, it has not really reached the stage of implementation, but it has caused quite a lot of trouble in China.

Public concerns are focused on personal privacy protection and doubts about whether airport-related departments have the ability to ensure that public privacy is not compromised. This kind of questioning has been heard since the beginning of the bare-checking method. In March of this year, a security staff at Heathrow Airport in London used a new full-body scanner installed at the airport to scan each other and photographed them. Her "naked photo" was investigated and questioned by the police. The security officer became the first airport employee to be arrested for violating the UK's “Abuse of Sensitive Instruments” regulations and is expected to be fired. This undoubtedly provided the challengers with a shell that attacked “naked inspections of human rights violations”. However, no matter how to question, the "naked inspection" is promoted globally, and every sudden and violent terrorist attack will slam the back of the country and the region that is still in a state of hesitation and wait for it to join the implementation. The team of naked inspections came. Although everyone knows that the current "naked inspection" means and equipment still have its limitations, even if the metal detector of the security inspection can not detect the explosives of the metal bomber in the legs of the US Christmas bomber, the whole body scan It can be found that it is still impossible to absolutely detect all the disguised means of disguise, and technically speaking, it can still be said to be a transitional product, but the situation is not unreasonable, and the complicated and severe global anti-terrorism situation forces all countries facing real threats. And the region must choose between public safety and privacy protection, and we are soberly aware that all the forced choices are very realistic: "naked", for the safety of everyone.

When perspective scanners are everywhere, most people may often recite a sentence: "If you don't hide anything, there is nothing to be afraid of." In fact, we all have something to hide, so we must wear clothes. So this is why people are entangled in the "naked" or not "naked" controversy. According to the US Transportation Safety Administration, more than 600 complaints about full-body scanners have been reported by passengers in the past year. Complainants claim that this violates personal privacy and poses a health hazard. However, the agency also pointed out that among the more than 4 million air passengers, there are only about 600 complaints, the ratio is very low. Of course, you can choose to refuse “naked inspections”. Two women in the UK refused to accept full-body scans at Manchester Airport on the grounds of religious and health problems and were denied boarding. And Spielman, a retired professor of public safety politics in Switzerland, believes that passengers will gradually adapt to “naked inspections”. “Whoever does not accept, whoever is at home. Now taking measures to remove shoes and ban liquid liquids does not make people Stop the pace of travel everywhere." The German head of anti-terrorism affairs, Dirkhoff, also said that all member states should use full-body scanners at the airport. As long as they overcome the concerns of privacy violations, scanners can play "great utility." This is undoubtedly a clear signal that countries in the aviation safety sector, the idea is absolutely consistent, that is, never respect the privacy of a person, the entire flight or even the entire country in the shadow of insecurity, Wrestling without any obstacles by the robe of death. Of course, personal privacy should also be respected. Therefore, all countries and regions that adopt "naked inspection" measures have set up strict procedures and systems to regulate "naked inspections" without exception. No other use, inspectors working in a separate room, and not in direct contact with the inspected, etc., we also noticed that due to the full-body scan "naked inspection" has caused dissatisfaction of some of the allies, the United States will implement new in April Aviation security measures replaced the previous mandatory “naked inspection” measures for visitors from 14 countries. The new measures will be based on information provided by intelligence agencies, not the nationality of the passenger or the passport held. Therefore, if China is to implement the "naked inspection" measures, the above-mentioned both positive and negative experiences and lessons should be fully taken into account.

At present, the implementation of "naked inspection" in China, the biggest constraint is not the capital, technology and health factors, but the same as other countries and regions in the world on the "naked inspection" doubts, are caused by "naked inspection" Concerns about privacy protection, more commentary articles regard it as "a deprivation of public privacy rights", requiring the airport to install "checking" devices, the aviation department must disclose all testing methods and means to the public, let the public come Make rational judgments on whether to exhaust all means. These arguments have undoubtedly played a positive role in promoting the safety of China's civil aviation and should be affirmed. However, this kind of argument has its inevitable limitations because of its positional relationship. Aviation safety has always been an important premise and foundation for the development of civil aviation, and it is the eternal theme of civil aviation work. The foundation is not strong, and the ground shakes. Without the guarantee of continuous security, building a strong civil aviation country is tantamount to a tall building above the beach. Efforts must be made to implement a continuous security strategy to consolidate the foundation for the safe development of civil aviation. Therefore, we can fully conclude that in order to make China's civil aviation safety level a world leader and ensure the advancement of the core strategy of continuous safety, no matter whether or not the introduction of naked inspection, civil aviation safety work will not show signs of relaxation. According to the provisions of Articles 26 and 27 of the Civil Aviation Safety and Security Regulations of the People's Republic of China, passengers must undergo safety inspections. The security personnel should “use the instrument or manually carry out safety inspections on passengers and their luggage items. If necessary, they can Strict inspection, which indicates that there is no legal obstacle to the introduction of full-body scanning instruments in China. If passengers refuse security screening, according to the provisions of Article 102 of the Civil Aviation Law of the People's Republic of China, public air transport enterprises Passengers who refuse to accept safety inspections may not be transported. Therefore, it is a mandatory obligation for passengers to accept personal inspections by hand or equipment of airport security personnel. Passengers do not have the right to say no. Of course, due to the limitation of the legislative level, the specific provisions on the protection of passengers' privacy rights during the security inspection process are only subject to the principle provisions in Articles 16 and 58 of the Civil Aviation Safety Inspection Rules of China. The specific and specific provisions cannot be said to be a pity. The competent civil aviation authorities should formulate detailed management regulations in a timely manner. When necessary, the internal management regulations should be raised to the level of administrative legislation, and the privacy protection provisions of passengers should be solidified in the form of administrative regulations. It is normal to protect the privacy of passengers undergoing security screening. However, without specific provisions, it does not mean that passengers' privacy rights cannot be fully protected during the security inspection process. If passengers encounter violations of privacy during the security inspection process, they still have sufficient channels of rights protection and legal protection. As for the proposal that “the aviation sector must disclose all testing methods and means to the society”, it is obviously a pseudo-proposition and what kind of security measures and methods are adopted. This is part of the national counter-terrorism strategy and civil aviation security and protection, and is suitable for full disclosure. It seems that there should be no doubt. It is also common sense that the information and laws, regulations, rules and regulations that should be disclosed by the civil aviation department should not exceed the scope stipulated by the administrative regulations on the disclosure of relevant state information. At the same time, when the human body's right to privacy conflicts with the right to life of others, it should give way to a higher right to life. When based on national, social public security and anti-terrorism needs, citizens should unconditionally let some individuals' privacy. Right, this should not be seen as a denial of individual rights, but as a more adequate protection of individual rights.

Of course, it should not be "naked inspection", how to "naked inspection", this is still a slightly advanced topic, perhaps when the "naked inspection" is really coming, what we can say to all passengers, only the title of this article Words.

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(Civil Aviation Resource Network expert, feed: Haikou City Public Security Bureau Meilan International Airport Branch, /* */ )

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