Building a civil aviation power, Nanjing Lukou Airport, needs to strengthen four kinds of consciousness

Looking at the history of civil aviation development, the construction and development of civil aviation airports in any country or region is one of the most important signs of civil aviation.

As an airport person, it is necessary to give full play to the subjective initiative in building a strong civil aviation country.

Attaching great importance to and focusing on the implementation of the security system is somewhat more important than the establishment of the system itself.

To strengthen the awareness of airport service quality, we should first fully analyze why service quality needs to be strengthened and take corresponding measures on the basis of understanding.

While improving economic efficiency, we must pay more attention to social benefits and establish a good window image.

â– Yu Cheng'an

Building a strong civil aviation country is a major strategic decision of the country's overall economic and social development strategy and civil aviation development. It is a huge systematic project. In this system, the airport plays an important role, and it is necessary to strengthen the following four kinds of consciousness.

Strengthen responsibility awareness

The airport is the basis for the rapid development of civil aviation. It is called the “portal” of the city and the “hub” of air transportation. The development of the airport is closely related to the construction of a strong civil aviation country. It is necessary to pay attention to preventing and overcoming the following vague understandings.

The first is to prevent and overcome the "unrelated to oneself" thinking. Looking at the history of civil aviation development, the construction and development of civil aviation airports in any country or region is one of the most important signs of civil aviation. Building a civil aviation power with Chinese characteristics is not only a matter for airlines, it is not just a matter of ensuring good flight production. As an airport cadre employee, especially at all levels of management, we should understand the development rules and trends of civil aviation powers, and deeply understand the country's functional positioning of the airport on “public infrastructure”, and strive to strengthen the airport infrastructure service function. . In the new starting point of airport development, high-quality, high-standard as a guarantee base and logistics department of the airlines, providing strong services for airlines to take off and develop; to build high-quality, high-standard air passengers Comfortable and warm starting port and landing place; high-quality, high-standard iron gates for air defense and safety, and an air defense safety barrier for aircraft air flight safety. It is necessary to truly link all aspects of airport construction with the construction of a strong civil aviation country and promote it in a solid manner.

The second is to prevent and overcome the "do nothing" idea. As an airport person, it is necessary to give full play to the subjective initiative in building a strong civil aviation country. We must make a difference in the development of the route, and we must work closely with the airlines to open more routes and create a win-win situation. We must make a difference in ensuring the punctuality of the flight, and carefully consider the passengers, crew and cargo owners, and be good at taking the initiative; To achieve modernization and scientific management of the airport, we must make a difference, learn from and draw on the experience of the construction of advanced airports in advanced developed countries, boldly introduce, scientifically absorb and be good at innovation in management mode, science and technology, and operational norms, so that the modernization of the airport becomes A new highlight of modern civil aviation construction.

The third is to prevent and overcome the "slow down" thinking. Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of civil aviation and the formation of a strong civil aviation strategy, the vision and goals of China's civil aviation are clearer and more encouraging. As a civil aviation airport person, it is necessary to be soberly aware that the global economic trend is forcing the development of China's civil aviation airport to be slow; China's strategic measures to transform its economic development mode are forcing the development of civil aviation airports and the improvement of “quality”; With the transformation of China's domestic consumption structure and consumption patterns, civil aviation has expanded from high-end consumption to meet the needs of mass-market consumption, forcing the airport to develop slowly. At the same time, in accordance with the modern integrated transportation concept, the integrated network of land and air, the integration of airports and urban rail transit and intercity railways, and the integrated transportation system with complementary advantages also force the development of civil aviation airports to be slow. We must recognize the situation and firmly believe that in accordance with the modern civil aviation airport, “full service implementation, wide route connectivity, large passenger and cargo scale, smooth service flow, high operational efficiency, low operating cost, strong emergency rescue capability, and many ground transportation modes. In accordance with the roadmap and timetable for building a strong civil aviation country, we will strive to make unremitting efforts, speed up and strive for the first place.

Strengthening awareness of continuous safety

The objects of airport security are passengers, goods and aircraft. The safety of them is directly related to the life safety and social stability of the people, and directly affects the economic benefits of civil aviation transportation production. The practice of continuously implementing the ground and air defense safety year in the 13 years since the opening of Nanjing Lukou Airport has made us realize that it is essential to implement a continuous security strategy.

The first is to continuously consolidate the security foundation. In the past few years, Nanjing Lukou International Airport (referred to as “Lukou Airport”) attaches great importance to the implementation of civil aviation industry requirements, taking the national ISO9000 quality certification, China Civil Aviation Administration safety assessment, safety audit, aviation security audit as an opportunity, in the safety management Establish a system of rules and regulations, improve various safety regulations and various types of emergency protection plans, and ensure the establishment of a scientific and effective safety management mechanism. At the same time, around the key points of safety, timely and intensively carry out special rectification of safety production to further improve the security of the airport.

The second is to continuously improve the equipment of operational support facilities. In the 13 years since the opening of Lukou Airport, in the face of the rapid pressure of the increase in passenger and cargo volume of the airport, in the case of many capital needs, we are willing to invest, according to the inherent laws of the airport production and operation and industry regulations, we have added tens of millions of transformations. Yuan's production and safety facilities to ensure the airport's normal operation and aviation safety margins.

The third is to continuously create a safety culture. Highlight and improve the following three major mechanisms: Improve the penetration mechanism of the concept of continuous safety. Through the guidance of education guidance, system construction, reward and punishment mechanism, etc., we will implement the principle of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management”, and steadily promote the continuous security strategy; improve the safety target assessment mechanism. It is necessary to be good at decomposing the annual safety objectives and responsibilities into all aspects of the airport operation guarantee, various positions, managers at all levels and each employee, improve the practicality and procedural nature of the safety culture; and improve the implementation mechanism of safety regulations. The safety culture is fundamentally the construction of the ability of enterprises to implement various security system measures. No matter how good the safety rules and regulations are, if employees are placed behind their heads, managers are under-supervised, and strict management is exercised, serious discipline is an empty talk. Therefore, attaching great importance to and focusing on the implementation of the security system is somewhat more important than the establishment of the system itself.

The fourth is to continuously innovate safety management. In 2006, Lukou Airport took the lead in introducing the International Civil Aviation Advanced Safety Management System (SMS) in the national civil aviation, and as the pilot unit of the national civil aviation airport SMS management, its 2008 Safety Management System Manual passed the CAA review for full implementation. SMS lays the foundation. In recent years, Lukou Airport has highlighted the exploration and practice of risk management in SMS. With risk control as the core, it has gradually established a systematic, proactive and clear risk management method to enhance the initiative and predictability of safety work. In practice, we feel that we are strengthening our awareness of continuous safety, establishing and implementing safety risk management methods, and reducing the risk of personal injury and property damage to an acceptable level or below through continuous risk identification and risk management. In line with the concept of continuous safety of civil aviation, it should be studied in depth and widely implemented.

Strengthen service quality awareness

The poor service of airport services is the fundamental criterion for evaluating and evaluating the pros and cons of an airport. At present, there are some misunderstandings that affect the quality of airport services: self-feeling, self-consideration of service work has been done well; emphasizing objective reasons, complaining about poor passenger quality; service facilities can not keep up, passively waiting, relying on ,want. Analyze the root causes of these misunderstandings: First, the service consciousness is weak, the service concept is backward; Second, there is a lack of urgency, and the fierce competition situation of the modern integrated transportation system is not seen. The services for passengers and cargo owners are step by step, lacking initiative and humanization. Third, the management concept is backward. Some managers are limited to asking their employees what to do or should not do, but neglecting the motivation behind “doing”, especially ignoring the cultivation and care of employees' psychological quality and emotional quality. Lack of humanized management of employees. To strengthen the awareness of airport service quality, we should first fully analyze why service quality needs to be strengthened and take corresponding measures on the basis of understanding.

First, we must establish a modern service awareness. Service awareness is a concept and desire to take the initiative to do a good job. It should be sent from the heart of the service staff. As long as the passenger's requirements and behaviors do not violate the law, do not violate social morality, and do not involve flight safety, we must demonstrate that we are responsible for the passengers. Between responsibility and excuses, choose responsibility or choose an excuse to reflect the civil aviation personnel's Professional ethics and service awareness. The correct sense of service requires us to regard the service as a career from the heart, to treat the passengers as relatives, to be careful, meticulous and careful, to provide considerate and considerate services for the passengers, and finally to achieve a comfortable service for the passengers.

Second, we must adhere to the civil aviation service standards. Civil Aviation Administration of China (Civil Aviation Administration) issued the "Civil Airport Service Quality" (MH/T5104-2006) issued in October 2006 as an industry recommended standard to fill the national airport. There is no gap in uniform service quality standards. This service standard, together with the "Civil Airport Service Quality Evaluation System", was launched simultaneously, providing a reference for each airport to establish its own service standards, establishing a sound service quality management system, and implementing standardized services, and promoting the establishment of people-oriented airports. The service concept, standardization of service quality management, and gradual integration with international advanced service levels play an important role.

In order to comprehensively promote the improvement of service quality, and to meet the Shanghai World Expo and the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing with excellent service quality, Lukou Airport will serve as the service quality improvement year in 2010, with “in time and accurate information, fast and reasonable process, and warm and thoughtful service”. "Towards the goal, we have taken various measures, starting from the service concept, service process and service attitude. Through one year of efforts, the service quality of Lukou Airport continues to meet the national "public air transport service quality" and civil aviation "civil airport service". The quality standard is at the advanced level of similar civil airports in China.

Third, we must pay attention to the humanized management of employees. Paying attention to humanized management should firstly help employees to deeply understand the urgency of the importance of quality service, and internalize the organizational goals of the airport into the work objectives of each employee's conscious practice; secondly, there must be incentives for rewards and punishments; Relieve worries for employees, such as the handling of various difficult contradictions in work and life, the design of careers, etc. Finally, to strengthen the communication of internal work and learning and growth environment, pay attention to and strive to create a fair and harmonious internal enterprise. surroundings.

Fourth, we must actively promote the construction of service brands. In 2004, on the basis of the creation of a civilized airport, Lukou Airport proposed the goal of creating a service brand of “safe and air-friendly experience” based on the new requirements created by the civilizations of Jiangsu and Nanjing. After the brand creation period, brand growth period and brand promotion period, it became the second batch of the top ten service brands in Nanjing in 2007, and has been consolidated and improved in recent years. We have realized in practice that the efforts to build an airport service brand is an important carrier for promoting airport management, strengthening enterprise soft power construction, and enhancing the innovation capability of modern service-oriented enterprises. It is also enhancing the core competitiveness of civil aviation enterprises and achieving a good airport. Vivid practice of rapid development.

Strengthen the awareness of scientific development

At present, Lukou Airport is in a critical period of development. Last year, the airport passenger throughput exceeded 10 million passengers and entered the ranks of large airports nationwide, jumping to a new development platform. We must continue to push forward the strategy of building a strong civil aviation country in accordance with the requirements of the scientific development concept.

The first is to establish strategic thinking. Improve the development planning revision as soon as possible, and improve the development strategy planning ability. According to the current route network layout, we will formulate a step-by-step implementation plan, highlight key points, and vigorously promote it, and strive to promote balanced and coordinated development of domestic and international routes. Increase the introduction of base airlines, establish strategic partnerships with airlines, and find ways to increase air transportation capacity. Refine the project construction plan, speed up the progress of the project, strictly control the quality of the project, and strive to build a century-old airport.

The second is to strengthen the sense of overall planning. More attention should be paid to the simultaneous development of scale, speed and quality, and efficiency. While improving economic efficiency, we must pay more attention to social benefits and establish a good window image. At present, the international situation is complicated and changeable, terrorist activities are rampant, and the airport business volume continues to rise. The pressure for security is greater and the tasks are heavier. We must correctly handle the relationship between safety and efficiency. We must not sacrifice safety for efficiency and speed. We must incorporate safety operations into the overall planning of the airport and actively build a safety management roadmap to ensure the airport's continued safety and long-term stability.

The third is to adhere to the "people-oriented". To meet the needs of employees and aviation consumers, we must set development goals, rely on employees to promote development, and share development results by employees and the people. We must cherish people's lives, put the lives and health of employees and passengers in the supreme position, and strengthen safety awareness. Enhance safety responsibilities, improve safety technology, strengthen safety management, and achieve safe development; actively establish and improve democratic management and democratic supervision systems, extensively solicit opinions and suggestions from employees, encourage them to actively think, participate in decision-making, participate in management, and respect the main body of employees The status of the formation of like-minded and centripetal force, forming a cohesive force to build a civil aviation power.

(The author is the chairman and party secretary of Nanjing Lukou International Airport Co., Ltd.)

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