Capital Airlines listed in the first flight accounted for 90% of the domestic business charter market

[May Point Network] On May 3, a newly-sprayed “Capital Aviation” flew to the sky for the first time, carrying a model worker from Beijing to Shanghai to watch the World Expo. This self-proclaimed "Beijing people's own aviation...

[May Point Network] On May 3, a newly-sprayed “Capital Aviation” flew to the sky for the first time, carrying a model worker from Beijing to Shanghai to watch the World Expo.

The capital airline, which claims to be "Beijing's own airline", was formerly the travel charter of the HNA Group and the business aircraft operating company Jinlu Aviation. Through the Beijing Municipal Government's needle-punching, Jinlu Airlines successfully won the Beijing State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. The BTG Group’s 450 million yuan of “real money and silver” was renamed “Capital Aviation”.

On May 2nd, Capital Airlines was officially listed. The new company was jointly funded by HNA Group and BTG Group with a registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan, of which HNA Group invested 1.05 billion yuan, accounting for 70% of the shares; BTG Group invested 450 million yuan. Accounted for 30%. Prior to this, the registered capital of Golden Deer Aviation was about 776.5 million yuan.

Unlike ordinary passenger airlines, Golden Deer Airlines is mainly engaged in the business of charter flights and business jets. It currently has 25 Airbus aircraft, operating bases in Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an and Sanya, and has opened more than 120 routes. It is the largest business jet fleet in the Asia-Pacific region, occupying more than 90% of the Chinese business charter market and flying to more than 420 airports in more than 100 countries around the world.

Haiguo Tourism President Ma Guohua told reporters that after changing its name to “Capital Aviation”, the company also plans to expand operations such as medical ambulance flights and helicopter pilotage, and set up the first helicopter fleet for civil emergency rescue and improve Beijing's general aviation services. "I hope that in the next five years, Capital Aviation will have a fleet of more than 200 aircraft, including more than 100 business jets, more than 80 tourist charters and 50 helicopters, and may increase the number of scheduled passenger flights depending on the situation."

It is worth noting that the positioning of the capital airline is in line with the Beijing government's intention to expand the "world city", which is also an important reason for the deer and rebranding of the deer. Previously, Beijing was the only city among the four municipalities directly under the central government that did not have a local brand airline.

This is not the first time HNA has “married” with the local government. Prior to this, HNA’s Grand Xinhua Express, Xiangpeng Airlines and Hainan Airlines had already received real money from local governments.

“Local governments have the feeling of owning an airline of their own, and when airlines cooperate with local governments, they will get more than just government funding, but also more policy support, such as tax exemption, land concessions, etc. And Hainan’s treatment in the future is far more expensive than the name change.” An official from the Civil Aviation Administration analyzed this reporter.

Liu Jiaxu, director of the board of directors of HNA Group, also said on the 3rd that the future development plan of Hainan Airlines industry is to accelerate the growth of various aviation brands of HNA around the development of various provinces and cities, and to stimulate domestic demand and expand tourism. “Because the regional economic development is indeed Need the support of air transport." (First Financial Daily)

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