How to embody the "people-oriented" thinking in the construction of safety culture

Civil Aviation Resource Network June 2, 2010 News: As a problem that will never stop and will continue, security has penetrated into every aspect of the enterprise. Although the feeder airport is only part of the airport family, it also faces the issue of security, and the security of the feeder airport can provide a strong backing for the hub airport. Therefore, "grabbing safety" is inevitably the focus of corporate work. People are the most valuable resources of enterprises and the mainstay of creating value for enterprises. Such preconditions are doomed to the role that people can't ignore in their safety work. "Standing on people-oriented" is a new requirement put forward by the "Decision" of the Third Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee. It is also an indispensable idea to put it in the construction of airport safety culture.

1. What is “safety culture” and “people-oriented”?

The concept of safety culture was first proposed by the International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group (INSAG) in 1986 on the safety of nuclear power plants. Liu Xianming, founder of Fine Management Engineering, believes that corporate safety culture mainly refers to the full-fledged safety values ​​or safety concepts and employee professional behaviors accumulated during the long-term management activities and production practices of the company in fulfilling its corporate objectives and fulfilling its corporate mission. The sum of the security features embodied in the system and the security atmosphere of the enterprise that constitutes and influences society, nature, corporate environment, and production order. The purpose of advocating a safety culture is to make human life and work safer and healthier under the existing technical and management conditions. The realization of safety and health is inseparable from people's cherish and value of safety and health, and make every move of their own, in line with the requirements of safe and healthy behavioral norms.

"People-oriented" refers to people-oriented and center, mobilizing people's enthusiasm, creativity and initiative to achieve the common development of enterprises and people. People here are not traditional people who regard people as machines, tools, etc., but people as part of the enterprise, focusing on the liberation and development of people, providing a relatively equal opportunity for each person's potential and ability to play. And the platform, so that people can do their best to achieve the development of the enterprise.

Second, the relationship between "human text" and security

Any company that wants to develop employees who must rely on it, the airport is no exception. As a regional airport, any of its positions are also supported by employees. It will become an empty shell and will not be a complete whole, leaving the dispatch, maintenance, security, transportation and so on. The security work of the airport is linked to these positions and is linked to every employee's behavior. An unintended behavior of an employee can become a potential safety hazard in the future. If you still follow the traditional management model and regard employees as “goods”, regardless of the needs and ideas of employees, it is impossible to require the behavior of employees to be consistent with the interests of the company. Then employees will be random during work and may be Disregarding the various rules and regulations, so that security work can not be discussed, security vulnerabilities can be found everywhere, how such enterprises talk about development. Therefore, in order to realize the development of the airport, we must pay attention to human factors, consider the needs of employees, take employees as the center, give full play to their creativity, initiative and enthusiasm, and take "people-oriented" as the premise of safe work.

Third, how to reflect "people-oriented"

1. Change the concept of training and educate people.

In order to fully mobilize the potential of employees, companies must regularly train their employees. Such training can not only improve the staff, but also instill the concept of the company into the employees in the training process, and realize the “one heart” of the employees and the enterprise. The number of employees at the feeder airport is relatively small. Therefore, the previous trainings were conducted in the form of “big class”, which was difficult to prepare and could not be used by every employee. At the same time, I don’t pay attention to what employees are missing and what they are interested in. Nowadays, the concept of training has changed, everything is different, and truly realizes "people-oriented".

(1), segmentation training groups

Yining Airport will classify all employees according to the department, organize training by department as the unit, and report the training content every week. This is to divide the training group according to the profession, so that the training content is more professional. In addition, like etiquette training, some simple training will be carried out for non-first-line units, while the two main window units for passenger transportation and security inspection are centralized professional training. This is also a manifestation of the training group segmentation. Such divisions are a good form, which will change the training group from large to small, thus making the training more professional and greatly improving the teaching effect.

(2) Reasonable arrangement of training time

For non-first-line units, working hours are relatively stable, and it is possible to arrange fixed training time. However, for first-line security units, this is difficult, so the differentiation of training time is necessary. Yining Airport is flexible in arranging staff training based on flight dynamics. The training of each department in each week is also arranged by each department according to their own time, providing autonomy to each department, which is also based on "people-oriented".

(3), the training content is enriched

Past training was mainly based on the needs of the company, and did not consider what employees need. Therefore, employees will be annoyed when training, the training effect is not good, and the previous training content is also very simple. Now, like Mandarin training, financial training, news reporting training, psychological counseling, etc., the training content is rich and colorful, attracting employees and inspiring employees' interest. These trainings not only help the employees' work, but also have important meanings for the employees' lives, which fully reflects the airport's concern for the employees' lives. For example, psychological counseling training, while helping employees to correctly treat negative psychology, is also ready for employees to work with a positive attitude.

2. Establish a harmonious environment, strengthen team awareness, and increase employee sense of belonging.

As a basic function of the economic group, the company has an obligation to create a harmonious environment for employees, including a working environment and a harmonious interpersonal relationship. The working environment is good, the staff can maintain a happy mood, and of course, they can maintain a positive state for a longer period of time. An excellent interpersonal relationship contributes to production and, in a certain sense, plays a positive role in safety. In an excellent atmosphere, people can work with a happy mood to prevent bad emotions such as irritability and depression. Bad emotions are also a safety hazard, and its existence is very likely to cause accidents. Harmonious, friendly and harmonious interpersonal relationships will make people feel comfortable. Therefore, enterprises should create a good interpersonal environment for employees, so that all employees can work and live in a happy and happy mood, which will not only promote the improvement of work efficiency, but also It will promote the improvement of people's own quality.

For the development of a company, the strength of one person or two is enough, and the team is the most important. Therefore, it is important to cultivate a sense of teamwork among employees, especially for safety work. A person's strength is limited, one can't take care of all aspects of work, but the strength of a team is different. Therefore, in the usual work, the team responsibility should be emphasized more, and the irresponsibility of one person will affect other members of the team. For some positions that need to cooperate and cooperate, this kind of glory should be honored. Hanging in my heart.

For example, Yining Airport has established a gym and library for employees. This is an act of creating an excellent environment for employees. It not only enriches the spare time of employees, but also lays the foundation for employees to work in a better state. Group activities in the form of recitation competitions, singing competitions, fun games, and dinners provide a platform for employees to cultivate mutual feelings, promote the formation of a harmonious interpersonal relationship, and cultivate the team awareness of employees. The airport has a sense of belonging, so that the company as its own home, better for the development of the enterprise, and better play their own creativity.

3. Strictly reward and punish the system to encourage employees to progress.

The economic man is a rational person, using the most basic conditions of human beings for accurate calculations, trying to get the most reward with the least effort. They are born lazy, unwilling to take responsibility, prefer to be led by others, and pursuing economic interests seems to be the sole purpose. As an "economic man" employee, the initial purpose of its work for the company is not for the enterprise, but for the individual. Therefore, if a company wants employees to be consistent with the company, it is necessary to let employees see that their interests can be realized. Just like an old story, "To make the donkey move forward, put a carrot in front of it or catch it with a stick." The policy of “carrots and sticks” stimulates the enthusiasm of employees, and on the other hand, it also punishes the employees who are passively absent. In this way, employees are encouraged to generate the behaviors required by the company, thus ensuring that employees are more active. Safeguarding security, no longer regards security as a matter of others, always hangs in your heart.

People-oriented, adopting more humane management is a "carrot" policy. Now with the development of society, people's education level is improved. This kind of "carrot" means not only manifests in some material aspects, but also determines the strategic goal of enterprise development, establishes a good corporate image, and gives employees a sense of pride; System, redesigning the work in the organization; creating more opportunities for employees to actively participate in the decision-making of enterprises; creating harmonious interpersonal relationships and a good cultural atmosphere are all good "carrots" means.

There must be punishment for prizes. Since there is a "carrot", there must be a "big stick." Appropriate “big stick” policies can motivate employees. For example, performance appraisal has the effect of “big stick” to a certain extent. It breaks the “big pot rice” and allows employees to actively participate in the development of the company, no longer passively absenteeism, and fish in troubled waters. So a "big stick" like this is necessary.

4. Reasonably configure personnel to achieve high efficiency of work.

People are not machines, and people cannot always be in an efficient working state. Therefore, in order to achieve high efficiency of work, it is necessary to consider how to make employees work in such an efficient state for a longer period of time. Depending on flight dynamics, adjusting staffing at any time is a viable option. At the same time, it is also a manifestation of "people-oriented". Especially in the peak period of summer passenger flow, due to the weather and high-intensity work, people are prone to fatigue, and it is very important to arrange the service work reasonably at this time. For example, for a flight with a small number of passengers, the personnel can be appropriately reduced so that the personnel can have a moderate rest. For a larger number of flights, it is necessary to increase the number of personnel according to the work intensity of each position, so as to achieve more work in a shorter time, high quality and high efficiency. In this case, safety problems will not be caused by fatigue work, and to a certain extent, it is conducive to safety.

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