Walk into Kokdala and listen to "Prairie Night"

[May Point Network] Kekdala, Kazakh means "green wilderness". Kekdala is the birthplace of the famous world oriental serenade "The Night of the Prairie". It is also the medieval army of Genghis Khan.

[May Point Network] Kekdala, Kazakh means "green wilderness". Kekdala is the birthplace of the famous world oriental serenade "The Night of the Prairie". It is also the hometown of the medieval Genghis Khan Western Expedition and the Chagatai Khanate.


From Urumqi along the 312 National Road all the way westbound, when the road was relatively dull, I suddenly met Sailimu Lake. The surprise has not yet settled, and another head has turned into the Tianshan Mountains to appreciate the scenery of the Tianshan Mountain. When I arrived at Kokdala, it was getting darker and darker, with less sorrow and swaying, but a little more quiet and elegant. In the air, the familiar melody is melodious: "The Night of the Grassland".


The nocturne washes the tiredness of the day, and I slowly admire the beauty around me. Following a wooden paved path, I cast myself into the pasture. "Prairie Night" has evoked countless people's beautiful thoughts on the grassland for many years, and the appearance of this classic song has become the yearning for tourists from all over the world. Nowadays, the touch of such a close distance more than forty years ago... the green grassland, the frog singing in the reed pond, the bonfire burning in the summer night, the tourists singing and dancing around the campfire, vividly reproduce the grassland night Creation scenario.

How quiet the beautiful night is, leaving only my piano on the prairie. I want to write a letter to a distant girl, but unfortunately there is no postman to tease. Wait until the snow melts and wait until the grasslands send a spring breeze. Kekdala changed its appearance, and the girl would come with my piano.


"Prairie Night" Memorial Sculpture


The nest of the year


Lavender in the garden


Genghis Khan Memorial Hall in the Garden


Zhang Jiayi's eldest son Zhang Jiangzhou

The next morning, I went to the garden to collect the wind. I was fortunate to see Zhang Jiangyi, the eldest son of Mr. Zhang Jiayi. Zhang Jiangzhou enthusiastically took us to visit the “Prairie Night Memorial Hall”. The memorial hall was a bit lonely, but the pictures and materials related to “Prairie Night” were displayed quite a lot. Zhang Jiangzhou works for the China Minority Culture and Art Foundation. As long as he has time, he will come to Yili because he knows that this is the place where his father died before his death. It left a passionate memory of his father's artistic creation. With Zhang Jiangzhou's methodical explanation, our thoughts have been pulled back to the Kekdala steppe 50 years ago...


Zhang Jiayi

One evening, he pulled on the filming group's young composer Tian Ge to go out and go out. The two men believed in the horse and unknowingly walked out of the distance. Suddenly, they were deeply attracted by a scene in front of them: the horizon, the sunset glowed like a flower . In the wilderness, the trees are lush, and the smoke rises and sways. It looks like a bleak and serene picture of a landscape. A group of young people are roasting the fire on the fire. Several young men are playing next to them. National musical instruments, singing softly, leisurely... Zhang Jiayi and Tian Ge were strongly attracted by this scene. Before the two hit immediately, they asked kindly: "Yurdasi, what song are you singing?" "We are singing Singing love, singing happy today and tomorrow!" Several young people singing replied loudly. Zhang Jiayi’s heart is shocked. This is the simple emotion that loves life and loves labor in the hearts of people of all nationalities. Isn’t it the keynote of the film? In the difficult production and living conditions, the people of all ethnic groups show fearlessness and fearlessness. The optimistic spirit has infected two artists, and the two have returned to each other. The bloody Fang Gang’s Tian Ge stared at Zhang Jiayi and challenged: "Zhang Dao, you dare to shoot such a scene, do you dare to write?" Zhang Jiayi asked: "If I write, can you dare to write it?" "As long as you write it, I dare to score!" Tian Ge replied angrily. "Prairie Night" was born. After returning to Beijing, the famous tenor Meng Guibin of our country sang and recorded the sound, and completed the creation of this song.

In late June 1959, a documentary called "Green Wilderness" (Kekdala, the Kazakh "green wilderness") was filmed in the same year; in October of the same year, the 10th anniversary of the National Day celebrations. In the middle of the "Green Wilderness" as a tribute film in Beijing, it was praised by leaders at all levels. After the National Day, Premier Zhou Enlai personally presided over the grand banquet to celebrate the literary and artistic creators. During the meeting, Premier Zhou came to Zhang Jiayi with a glass of wine and said kindly to him: "Congratulations, Comrade Zhang Jiayi... The 10th anniversary of the National Day, "Green Wilderness" has been successful, especially "Prairie Night" is very nice. "With the release of the film in the country, "Prairie Night" quickly swept China.


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