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Beijing Fengfeng National Forest Park Jiufeng National Forest Park [Mide Point Network] Jiufeng National Forest Park is located in the mountains of Beijing about 30 kilometers northwest of Beijing, the second scene in Beijing...


Summit National Forest Park


Summit National Forest Park

[Maidian.com] The Fengfeng National Forest Park is located in the embrace of the mountains about 30 kilometers northwest of Beijing. It is only 2 kilometers away from the Zhongguancun High-Tech Park at the west end of Beiqing Road, the second landscape road in Beijing. Take the No. 346 bus from the Summer Palace to get off at Bei'an Hebeikou, and take 1km westbound. It is one of the nearest national forest parks in Beijing.

The park is divided into three major tourist attractions: the central area of ​​the peak, the village of Zhaigu, and the top of the mountain. Among them, the central area of ​​Fengfeng is located in the core part of the park. It is mainly composed of humanistic monuments and natural landscapes. It has the first seismic station built by China, the Xiangtang Temple in the Qing Dynasty, the Xiufeng Temple in the Ming Dynasty, and the Puzhao Temple in the Jin Dynasty. There are 28 scenic spots in the Liao Dynasty's Jiufeng Mountain Villa, Panjingxuan, Guanyin Cave and Millennium Mountain Trail.

The Zhaier Valley Valley is dominated by artificially created forest landscapes, exquisitely carved stone landforms and various woody flowering plants. It is also the main fragrant road leading to Miaofengshan Niangniang Miao, the Queen Mother's Palace. 15 scenes, 18 deep, apricot forest, and Xiangxiang worship, and other 15 landscapes make people linger. The top of the Lombard is located at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. The Yulin Sea, countless wildflowers and alpine meadows form a unique landscape. And Yang Liulang's turret, no summer and cool, sky garden, surrounded by Yunshan and other 14 attractions are even more icing on the cake, making the trip full of magical happiness.

Bus route:

1. The Summer Palace and Beigongmen take Bus No. 346 to the westbound of Bei'an Hebeikou.

2. Self-driving route: 1 Badaling Expressway (Bei'an River Exit) - Beiqing Road - Qifeng National Forest Park 2 Yihe Garden - Xiangyang Road - Beiqing Road, see the road sign.

Beigong Forest Park


Beigong National Forest Park

Beigong National Forest Park is located in the front face of the Taihang Mountain. It belongs to the hilly area and covers an area of ​​200 hectares. It spans Changxindian and the northern mountainous area of ​​Wangzuo Town. It is the largest national forest park in the city. The main peak of the porch is 349.8 meters above sea level. The mountain is far away, the mountains are stretched, the valleys are stacked, the slopes are scattered, and the look is different. The splendid pavilions, galleries, pavilions and towers are located at the top of the main peaks and slopes of the park. The winding mountain roads pass through the pine forests and guide the tourists to walk in the fascinating places.

More than 250 plants and more than 140 wild flowers, as well as more than 20 exotic trees in the north and south, the park is decorated to the picturesque. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Beijing courtyard buildings and the emblem-style antique buildings with southern features, as well as the small Jiangnan pattern with unique Jiangsu and Zhejiang flavors, elevated the Beigong National Forest Park to the historical continuation, modern development, natural harmony, and the integration of heaven and earth. It has become a relocation place for flowers, birds, fish and exotic animals. It is the best place for people to climb, exercise, go on a picnic, sightseeing, picking, fishing, enjoying scenery, entertainment, leisure, tea and retrospective nature.

Getting there:

1. Take the No. 310 road to Fengzhuang and get off at Xinzhuang, or take the 385 road to the intersection of Chemical Seven Factory and get off at Beigong Forest Park. 937 3 also arrived (Revival Commercial City Terminus).

2. Self-driving: Lishui Road on the West Fourth Ring Road, the exit of the Shuiyu Exit, the auxiliary road, about 3 km westbound to Lujing Road, southbound by road sign.


Gongqing Forest Park


Shanghai Gongqing Forest Park

Gongqing Forest Park is located in Yangpu District of Shanghai, east of Huangpu River and west of Jungong Road. The whole park covers an area of ​​1965 acres and opens 1870.6 acres of public green space. The North Park - "Community Forest Park" is 1631 acres, South Park - "Wanzhu Garden" 239.6 acres.

The lush green forest park is not only an oasis in Shanghai, but also a paradise for entertainers. The special entertainment hidden in the green shades is also attractive and appealing to Shencheng people. In order to cater to the needs of tourists of different levels and different preferences, the park has set up more than 30 kinds of entertainment projects such as wild fun, challenging, sporty, stimulating and fun. There are wild barbecues, horse riding and hands that Shanghai people know and favor. Boating, forest trains and other traditional features such as wild fun and forest fun, as well as the latest young fashion challenges such as rock climbing, bungee jumping and zip lining.

Of course, the popular and popular entertainment projects, such as the rapids, pirate ships, dragon boat tackles, shooting shooting, and rich water projects, are also good choices for visitors to feel happy in the green. Young people who love sports, they also have their own joy, playing tennis, playing football, playing paintball, riding a tandem bicycle, and choosing a lot. For young people, they can have fun and the most challenging one is the newly introduced brave road of the park. This project was all introduced by Japan and is the first ecological entertainment launched in Shanghai.

The “Wanzhu Garden” with the style of Jiangnan Water Town is located in the south of Nenjiang Road, near the Nenjiang River Pier, and is the south garden of the park. With the theme of “Bamboo Culture”, Wanzhuyuan has created a beautiful bamboo scene of “Jiangnan Bamboo Rhyme, Clear and Clear”. The bamboo gardens are undulating, Cyclobalanopsis glabrata, Qingxi yo, small bridges, and bamboos, which form a bamboo-like natural scenery of “Sunrise, Qingxiu, and Moonlight Qingqing”.

Bus routes

South Gate: 102 Road

Simon: 124, 841, 147 direct

Tickets per person: 15 yuan

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