New Ideas for the Development of New Strategies in Tourism Marketing

[May Point Network] From November 7th to 9th, 2010, the first tourism network economy and region of China 2010 hosted by Kaiping Municipal Government and the well-known domestic tourism website, Kaiping City Tourism Bureau...

[] From November 7th to 9th, 2010, the first China Tourism Network Economy and Regional Development Forum and the same process hosted by the Kaiping Municipal Government and the well-known domestic tourism website Tongcheng. The 8th National General Assembly of the Internet will be held in Kaiping, the “world's most beautiful country”. More than 1,000 elites in the tourism industry seek differences and competition, learning and change, creativity and innovation.

The conference is the eighth member conference of From 2003 to now, the annual fellow member association meeting has become a platform for business travel, business exchange, experience sharing. At present, the conference has become an influential and appealing industry exchange event in the Chinese tourism industry.

The conference will focus on “Tourism Network Economy and Regional Development” and focus on tourism destination marketing and network marketing. With the rapid development of online travel, the domestic tourism market has risen from scenic tourism to regional tourism, and the importance of tourism destination marketing has become increasingly apparent. Regional tourism requires an integration of the tourism value chain. Visitors need to have a comprehensive understanding of local food, housing, travel, tourism, shopping, entertainment, tradition, folklore, and culture before going to a tourist destination. Previous traditional media has been difficult to adapt to this demand due to restrictions on layout and resources. Tourism network marketing is considered to be a new idea for the development of traditional tourism because of its high cost performance and high audience. has become the largest travel e-commerce platform in China after several years of successful operation in the online travel market. It is also the only travel e-commerce website in China that has a B2B travel enterprise platform and a B2C mass travel platform. Nowadays, with the new changes in the domestic and international environment, domestic tourism is also developing in the depth direction of the network. As the leader of tourism network marketing, will further integrate the cultural resources, product resources and service information of tourism destinations with its rich resources in B2B2C to better serve tourists.

In addition, at this conference, the development of world cultural heritage and natural and cultural heritage will also become one of the topics discussed by the guests. China's vast and splendid cultural and natural heritage has become the focus of the world's attention. The success of the application for the tourism economy of the scenic destinations is even more important. How to better protect and develop natural and cultural heritage, and how to better promote and promote World Heritage, these are the topics of great concern to the destinations of various scenic spots.

Kaiping, the host of the conference, has rich tourism resources, beautiful ecological environment and unique customs in the hometown of overseas Chinese. In June 2007, Kaiping Diaolou and Village were officially listed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO, and Kaiping has become one of the famous domestic tourist hotspots. Kaiping Diaolou is located in Kaiping City, Guangdong Province, and it reflects the extensive exchanges between Chinese and Western cultures in modern China. It combines the unique architectural art of traditional Chinese rural architecture and Western architectural culture, and has become a commemorative monument of Chinese overseas Chinese culture.

In the context of the explosive growth of the Internet, Kaiping Diaolou caters to the changes of the times, and combines the characteristics of its own scenic spots, and has carried out in-depth and close cooperation with numerous online media. In February 2008, Kaiping Tourism Bureau and reached a comprehensive strategic partnership, comprehensively carried out network marketing of tourism destinations, created a mutually beneficial and win-win situation between world heritage and online media, and explored new developments in world heritage. Ideas. At this conference, many domestic and foreign experts and scholars will gather Kaiping, which will provide valuable suggestions for the development and protection of world heritage. The continuous excavation of the world heritage culture will also become a new growth point for Kaiping tourism.

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