Traveling with the group: the hotel bid farewell to the same class charter no longer red eye

“Every day's itinerary is clear, staying at JW Marriott, Westin, Ritz Carlton and Wanda Sofitel for four nights!” Chen Xiao, who is registered for 4,399 yuan in Beijing on the South Lake International Travel and Western Holidays...

“Every day's itinerary is clear, staying at JW Marriott, Westin, Ritz-Carlton and Wanda Sofitel for four nights!” Miss Chen, who is enrolled in the Nanhu International Travel and Western Holidays for 4399 yuan, Beijing Supreme Shuangfei 5-Day Tour The reporter said that he expressed his appreciation to the travel agency for clearly indicating the travel to the hotel and the change in the past five-star hotel or "same level" hotel. There are more and more tourists like this, and the call for travel agents to clearly check in hotel and flight information is getting louder and louder.

Hotel bid farewell to "same level" fuzzy word

In the past, some tourists were often attracted by the low-cost of the surface and were deceived by the informal travel agencies. They participated in some low-priced groups and did not say the whole night. When they arrived at the destination, they found that the “same level” hotels were not in the right place, and there were many shopping spots. After a long journey, I was deeply dissatisfied with being "sold" and then had a travel dispute with the travel agency.

This year, the reporter visited the South Lake International Travel and Western Holidays and other travel agencies in Guangdong found that this situation has greatly improved this year. The announcement of the Spring Festival tourism product information and the arrangement of the itinerary tend to be transparent, like the Nanhu International Travel and Western Holidays. “Really enjoy” products, clear the nightly hotel, catering standards and daily sightseeing spots to specific time periods. At the same time, travel agencies such as Nanhu International Travel Service directly grasp the flight time through charter means, completely avoiding the inability to finalize flight time in the early stage of conventional products. The trouble, therefore, the phenomenon of "same level" and "red eye" of the hotel that has been plaguing tourists has been greatly improved this year.

For example, the relevant person in charge of the Nanhu International Travel and Western Holidays, such as the 4399 yuan Beijing Supreme Shuangfei 5 days, the trip clearly specified four nights to stay in JW Marriott, Westin, Liscalton and Wanda Sofitel; Refined to daily travel arrangements, such as breakfast at 8:30 on the second day of the line, visit Tiananmen Square, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, National Theatre from 9:00 to 11:30, lunch from 11:30 to 12:30, 12:30 At 18 o'clock, visit the Forbidden City, Tiantan Park and Nanluoguxiang. Dinner from 18:00 to 19:00, visitors can see at a glance. In addition, the food and beverage standards for each meal are also clearly marked, such as Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant Standard 80 yuan/person, Laoguo Romance Restaurant 50 yuan/person, and old Beijing-style restaurant 50 yuan/person.

Similarly, the products in the “True Enjoyment” series, such as Northeast China and Hubei, also clearly indicate the information of hotels and restaurants, and eliminate the appearance of similar five-star Shangri-La hotels or “same level”. For example, Nanhu International Travel 2999 yuan supreme high-speed rail 4 days group, the trip clearly indicates that Changsha stayed at the Five Star Sheraton Hotel, Wuhan stayed at the five-star Shangri-La Hotel; 5299 yuan Shandong Supreme Sanfei 5 days, the itinerary clearly indicated that the whole five-star Shangri-La Hotel.

Southeast Asian charter is no longer "red eye"

In order to cater to the needs of tourists for high-end comfortable tourism, in addition to the scope of charter flights on the basis of last year, travel agencies have more comprehensive adjustments to the departure time of charter flights. The “Red-Eye” charter flights that have appeared in the past have also been greatly reduced. Instead, flights departing from prime time are replaced. The trip is more comfortable.

Take “Nanhu International Travel and Western Holidays” as an example. During the Spring Festival, the company’s charter flights included popular tourist destinations such as Samui, Phuket, Sabah, and Maldives. Such as 9999 yuan Sabah, Brunei leisure and comfortable three-five five-day tour, charter departure time is 12:10, arrival time is local 15:10; 9199 yuan of Samui enjoy double-flight 5 days tour, charter departure time is 16 : 30, the arrival time is 18:50 local time, there is still time to play the local night market; 15899 yuan Maldives beauty reef 4 days, charter departure time is 19:00, arrival arrival time is local 23:10.

The overall Spring Festival tourism in the Year of the Rabbit is expected to increase by more than 40%.

Zheng Nianjun, executive deputy general manager of Nanhu International Travel and Western Holidays, said that the series of measures to cancel the hotel's "same level" and flight "red eye" launched by the Spring Festival travel agency this year have received unexpected results. The improvement of the quality of tourism services is undoubtedly the current good tourism growth. The situation injected a strong heart.

Statistics from the Nanhu International Travel and Western Holidays show that as of now, there are few leftovers in the Spring Festival, and they have entered the final stage of clearance. The US tour and Taiwan tour are the first to stop all the time. The number of overseas Chinese exits has increased from last year. More than 60%. In terms of domestic travel, it also entered the peak of registration this week. The current number of applicants has increased by 25% compared with the same period last year. It is expected that the number of applicants and operating income for the entire Spring Festival Golden Week will increase by about 40% compared to the 2010 Spring Festival Golden Week. (Southern Network)

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