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In the New Year's Eve of the Year of the Rabbit, what different ways can we welcome the dawn of the new year?


"Local flavor" into a new favorite

"This year's dinner, we went to Qingpu, and finally we can't do it with everyone!" Mr. Huang booked the dinner of a farmhouse in Qingpu six months ago. He said that he was returning to Shanghai from a foreign country with his friends. On the way, I just found a restaurant to eat, I can't think of a surprisingly good taste. Under the inquiry, the hotel owner said that their family also served the New Year's Eve. Mr. Huang decided decisively and settled here on New Year's Eve this year. "At the time, the ten people were also six or seven hundred yuan, and they were worth the money."

Nowadays, in the ordinary hotel in the city center, the price of a table of dinner is about 1,000 yuan. If you want to eat better, you will get nearly 2,000 yuan. Compared with the noisy and designated dishes of the Grand Hotel, the casualness of the farmhouse restaurant and the desire to eat it clearly have the upper hand. The price is cheap and the materials are fresh, which is the deepest impression left by the farmer's dishes.

Hotel apartments are also close to the people

This is a way of festivals that has only recently emerged in the past few years. A small family of several small families has formed a family of ten or twenty people, renting a hotel-style apartment and sharing the festive atmosphere. In a hotel-style apartment on the road in Lujiazui, Yincheng, Pudong, the reporter happened to meet Miss Zhang who came to “proofing” yesterday. She booked three suites half a month ago. I have already made a field visit. I feel very much. satisfaction. "We are three small families who come together. They are small sisters who grew up together and have a good relationship. They are also busy at work, this time they are just gathering together, and the mothers are all ready to show their best dishes. Children can also play together and it should feel good when they are."

The hotel said that during the Spring Festival, in addition to the suites have a large amount of promotional prices, they will not charge any additional fees for the suite. The gymnasium, game room, KTV, chess room, beauty salon and other entertainment facilities in the hotel apartment are also quite complete, which can meet the different entertainment needs of the whole family. (Xinmin Evening News)

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