2011 travel hotspot guess which one you like the most

2010 has passed. In the past year, the World Expo, the Asian Games, the World Cup... attracting people to travel abroad one after another, people are overwhelmed. What are the hot spots in the tourism industry when it enters 2011? What benefits will it bring to people?


Going to Taiwan for free

Freedom in the island

The free travel of mainland tourists who have been paying attention to the industry is expected to be settled this year. Recently, it was reported that the free travel to Taiwan will be launched around the Ching Ming Festival this year and will be piloted from major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. According to relevant media reports, Taiwan and the mainland travel agencies are now doing their homework for tourists to travel to Taiwan. It is everything that is ready, only to be introduced.

Comments: Compared with the previous regiments, the free travel to Taiwan is more desirable for mainland tourists. Although tourists from individual cities can enjoy this convenience at the beginning, it is believed that they will gradually be released as time goes by, so that more mainland tourists can enjoy their dreams and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Baodao.

Hainan International Tourism Island

Can Chinese people also enjoy tax refunds?

Since January 1 this year, the overseas passengers' shopping and tax rebate policy has been officially implemented in Hainan. After the implementation of the policy, overseas tourists will enjoy tax “preferentials” when shopping in Hainan. According to reports, the policy applies to foreigners and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots who have lived continuously for less than 183 days in China. At present, the departure and departure point for overseas passengers' shopping and tax rebate is tentatively set at 800 yuan, and the tax rebate rate is 11%. Foreign tourists can choose cash rebate or bank transfer tax refund when they apply for tax refund, and choose RMB or free circulation. Major foreign currency.

Comments: According to the data, at present, Hainan is only 2% of the total number of tourists in terms of the number of tourists. In the next 5 to 10 years, domestic tourists will still be the main source of international tourist island demand. As a result, the implementation of the tax rebate policy for the Chinese has become the new expectation, if feasible, shopping tour will become a highlight of Hainan to attract tourists.

High-speed rail extending in all directions

Promote the era of high-speed rail tourism

According to relevant information, the opening of various high-speed railways has played a positive role in promoting the tourism development between the two places or the third place, which not only narrowed the distance between the two places, but also changed the way tourists travel. It turns out that the two tourist destinations in the north and south of the city have become a line because of the high-speed rail. The original three-day tour has changed the day, saving time, and this high-speed, very fashionable travel method is more in line with the characteristics of the times.

Comments: The opening of the high-speed rail has little impact on the aviation industry. The high-speed rail can outperform the plane. This is by no means a fantasy. With the continuous development of China's high-speed railway, it is believed that the high-speed rail travel will become a new hot spot in 2011.

Car camping

How far away from us

Car camping is not the same as self-driving tour. This type of travel has high requirements for camping facilities and environment. In some countries in Europe and America, car camping has become a part of people's daily lives. There are currently more than 6,000 standard campsites in Europe, which are full every summer. Various cultural and sports activities have also attracted thousands of enthusiasts to participate in camping.

Comments: At present, Beijing, Qingdao, Dalian, Xinjiang and other places have some car camps that have begun to take shape, but there is still a certain gap compared with foreign countries. With the gradual increase in the number of family cars, car campsites are indeed a trend, but to do a good job, in addition to sound support, more important is our business ideas.

couch potato

Free sofa let you sleep

During the Guangzhou Asian Games last year, nearly 2,000 citizens in Guangzhou spontaneously organized a free accommodation and tour guide service for domestic and foreign tourists who came to Guangzhou and watched the Asian Games. It became the focus of attention in the industry. In fact, the activities organized by the citizens of Guangzhou are the "sofa tourism" that is very mature abroad and has just started in China. The person who enjoys this service is the "sofa guest." The so-called "sofa guest" is the person who sleeps on someone else's sofa. Of course, the "sofa" in the real journey is not as simple as the sofa itself. More often, the coucher will get a comfortable bed, a free dinner, and even the owner's full escort.

Comments: Although there are doubts about this emerging travel industry, such as security issues, communication, living habits, etc., in fact, these are not problems. The most important thing is that everyone in the "sofa" team must abide by the principles and understand each other. Trust each other. After all, this is a good thing for self-interested people. I hope that everyone can travel in this fashion, economy and inclusiveness in the future. (New News)

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