Gulangyu architecture will be unified tones

The reporter recently learned from the Xiamen Gulangyu Management Committee that according to the Regulations on the Protection and Management of Gulangyu Heritage Sites (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”), and the Gulangyu Construction Maintenance that will be formulated...

The reporter recently learned from the Xiamen Gulangyu Management Committee that in accordance with the "Gulangyu Heritage Protection Management Regulations" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") currently being prepared, and the Gulangyu Building Maintenance Code (provisional name) to be formulated, Gulangyu Construction The community will be unified in color to welcome the legacy.

It is understood that the main color of the original architectural community of Gulangyu is red brick. In recent years, there have been more than 100 family hotels on the island. Some hotels have even painted the exterior walls of lemon yellow or bright green in order to attract guests, which is inconsistent with the original architectural color of Gulangyu. The "Regulations" will stipulate the basic color of Gulangyu buildings, and the architectural colors on the island will be unified and standardized. At the same time, Gulangyu will formulate the "Gulangyu Building Maintenance Code". In the future, all the reconstruction, renovation and maintenance of the island houses must be carried out in accordance with the "Specifications."

It is reported that Gulangyu initiated the declaration to be included in the World Cultural Heritage List in 2008, and the modern architectural complex on the island is one of the core elements of the application. At present, Gulangyu has strictly controlled the newly added buildings on the island and implemented a subtraction method to remove some of the disharmonious buildings and structures. Ye Xizhi, deputy director of the Gulangyu Management Committee, said that the protection of the old buildings of Gulangyu will play a very good role in promoting the application of Gulangyu. (China Tourism News)

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