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It is a pleasure to go out to travel. If you encounter problems, how to rationally defend your rights? On the eve of “3·15”, experts announced four major cases and analyzed them one by one to teach you how to protect their rights.


[Case 1] Sudden price increase after low price

The case: The seductive advertisement of “1129 yuan to visit Hong Kong” attracted 17 elderly tourists. The travel agency promised that the $1,129 includes the tour fare and tip, and there will be no further fees. On the verge of departure, he said: Each person must pay another 160 yuan for the tour guide fee, otherwise they will not be able to send a group.

Comment: The travel agency is not only a typical "zero-negative group fee" low-cost competition, but also suspected of occupational and age price discrimination, but also breach of contract.

Weapons: Visitors can complain to the tourism department and the industrial and commercial department, and ask the travel agency to bear the liability for breach of contract in accordance with the terms of the travel contract, and compensate according to law.

[Case 2] The train is late, the tourists did not catch the group

Case: Lin participated in the three-day tour of Putuo Mountain, and the departure time was 8:00 in the morning. He rushed to Hefei by train from outside, because the train arrived at 8:25 and arrived at the starting point. He had to change trains to Putuo Mountain. The travel agency only refunds accommodation, tickets, breakfast, speedboats, ferries, etc., for a total of 342 yuan.

Comment: The investigation by the tourism supervision department found that Lin was in breach of contract and there was no fault in the travel agency.

Weapons: The collection time of travel is usually handled by the guide or the receptionist's verbal notification, which is very controversial. Both parties are advised to confirm in writing in advance.

[Case 3] Negotiations are inconsistent, tourists are stranded in different places

Case: 16 Changsha citizens participated in the "Guilin two-bedroom three-day tour." On the return journey, the tourists refused to get on the train because the whole train berth ticket was not in the same car (the contract did not stipulate that they must be in the same car), resulting in detention. The travel agency refunded the ticket in time and planned to change to the bus or return to Changsha by plane. However, the tourists insisted on returning to the train by the original agreement, so that they stayed in Guilin for two days before returning.

Comment: On the basis of finding out the facts, the tourism quality supervision department believes that the travel agency is not at fault and does not assume liability for compensation. Visitors are responsible for all costs incurred during their stay.

Weapons: Consumer rights protection needs to be rational and scientific. For matters not specified in the contract, visitors should consult with the travel agency to accept reasonable remedial measures.

[Case 4] Whoever pays when he is injured?

Case: A female tourist in her 60s accidentally slipped when she went to the toilet in the scenic spot, causing a fracture of her left thigh. Tourists request travel agencies to compensate for their treatment, accompanying, visiting and nutrition costs totaling RMB 15,000.

Comment: The investigation revealed that the travel agency organized the guests to visit according to the contract, and there was no fault; the scenic toilets were built according to the standard of the star-rated toilets, with anti-skid equipment and obvious warning signs; the tourists slipped mainly because of the rain and the age of the people. Big, it is an accident. As the travel agency purchased the travel accident insurance, the insurance company paid 6,000 yuan, and the shortfall was borne by the tourists themselves.

Weapons: Travel is prone to accidents, it is very necessary to buy travel accident insurance. Once an accident occurs on the way to travel, the travel agency should actively assist the tourists in the treatment. If the customer purchases accident insurance, they should actively assist the customer to make a claim against the insurance company. (red net)

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