Hainan supporting upgrade construction speeds up to attract high-end people in the world

From the end of 2009, the State Council issued a number of opinions on promoting the construction and development of Hainan International Tourism Island. By June 2010, the Hainan Island Construction Planning Outline was approved, and on December 27, 2010, Hainan International Tourism Island refunded overseas islanders. With the introduction of the policy, the construction of Hainan Island as a tourist island has attracted the attention of the world.


Sailing port

Hainan's planning is inseparable from the word "tourism", from the level of international tourism islands, resorts to overall planning, in the service, quality and other aspects of the establishment of uniform standards. All kinds of supporting facilities that match the tourism will also be constructed in an orderly manner. Since the approval of the tourist island plan of Hainan Island, there has been a large influx of capital from home and abroad. The Hainan Provincial Tourism Development Committee even stated that in the next 11 years, the investment in building an international tourist island is expected to reach 3.52 trillion yuan.

Tourism Island Planning Calls for City Operators

According to the "Hainan International Tourism Island Planning Outline" which was released on June 8, 2010, the international tourism island construction is divided into five functional groups of east, west, south, north and middle and a spatial distribution of marine functional groups. Hainan real estate development enterprises have pointed out development ideas. Although the functional groups are different, they can't do without the word "tourism". They look at the industry from the perspective of tourism, look at the structure from the perspective of tourism, and look at development from the perspective of tourism. To complete this vision requires a large number of visionary and powerful city operators.

Chi Fulin, president of the International Tourism Island Concept and China (Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute, said that through the construction of six major functional groups, unified planning and unified construction in the functional area will be realized, and urban-rural integration will be promoted, so that the people can enjoy the international The benefits brought by the tourist island can turn potential land resources into huge capital for Hainan's medium and long-term development. The role of city operators will be even more prominent.

From the operating experience of internationally renowned islands such as the Maldives and Bali, it can be seen that the magic weapon for the island to attract tourists is tranquility, beach and sunshine. The construction of an international tourist island is obviously not suitable for over-exploitation of the real estate industry. Excessive development of the real estate industry will only increase the resident population on the island, making the island appear more noisy, and the magic weapon that attracts tourists on the island will be discounted. Therefore, the past low-cost development model has to be abandoned. Instead, it will be integrated from the level of international tourism islands and resorts, and set uniform standards in all aspects of service and quality. Only with the help of large-scale planning and large-scale support, the prototype of Hainan International Tourism Island can gradually approach people's vision.

The planning of the island has attracted many such city operators, and the Mid-Levels Peninsula has already invested in such practices three years ago. After the Mid-Levels Peninsula, Dalian Wanda, Agile, Greenland, Luneng, CITIC and other urban operators formed a phalanx of high-standard positioning and high-quality support in Hainan's development projects to echo Hainan International Tourism Island. Construction "speed up". I believe that their artistic conception can not only walk in the forefront of urban development, but also stay in front of the national strategy, and lock in the global attention to Hainan. It will also reveal in advance that Hainan International Tourism Island will surpass the past new weather and new height in the next decade.

Massive capital supports the construction of tourist islands

The development of Hainan Tourism Island is inseparable from a large amount of financial support. As far as the current situation is concerned, a large amount of funds have flooded into Hainan, providing a strong financial support for the development of the tourist island.

In November 2010, a news about the “Hainan International Tourism Island Tax Free Policy is about to be launched” once again attracted the concept of “Hainan Tax Free”, which is nearly 400 million yuan in capital games. Not only did China’s China Travel Service hit a new high since its listing, Luo Niushan and Hainan. Individual stocks related to Hainan’s “tax-free concept” such as aviation also have a daily limit.

World capital has also responded strongly to the value outlook of Hainan International Tourism Island, and more and more global capital has entered Hainan. Hainan Provincial Bureau of Statistics data show that from January to November 2010, Hainan Province actually utilized foreign capital of 446 million US dollars, of which actual use of foreign capital in November was 127 million US dollars, a three-fold increase from the previous month; contractual foreign investment totaled 492 million US dollars, up 68.9 year-on-year. %; the use of foreign capital is mainly distributed in Haikou, Sanya, Wanning and other regions, and is mainly concentrated in the real estate industry.

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