Shanghai “Expo Farmhouse” turned into a “May 1st” hot spot

On the 28th, the Shanghai Jinshan District Tourism Bureau held a ceremony in the town of the National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Site to award 27 “Shanghai Farms”, marking the Shanghai World Expo “Farm Farm”, which was popular among Chinese and foreign tourists during the Shanghai World Expo. After further improvement of the service and connotation, the official flop was “Shanghai Farm”.


Shanghai Jinshan Farmhouse

As the core of Shanghai's urban leisure trip, “Shanghai Farmhouse” will be standardized in strict accordance with the “Shanghai Hotel Industry Management Measures” and “National Farmhouse Tourism Service Quality Classification”, and Langxia Town will also be the “Shanghai Farmhouse” Middle Farm Hotel. The quality of service, the quality of the dishes, the food hygiene and the dining environment, the monthly star rating, the signature dishes of each farmer's restaurant and its introduction are also unified into a public sign, so that visitors can see at a glance, the waiter will be uniformed in the "Shanghai farmhouse "Mark clothing to serve tourists."

It is understood that in addition to the "Expo farmer" features such as the interaction of Lianxiang games and the interaction of folk culture, the "Shanghai Farmhouse" has also added two pastry farms and five farmhouses in Wugufang. Here, visitors can not only make local specialties, such as lotus cake, but also buy a few pounds of rice from the farmer's owner. On the rice mill, they will bring their fresh, fragrant, high-nutrition rice to the home, highlighting the " The rural farming style of the Shanghai Farmhouse.

Another feature of “Shanghai Farmhouse” is the original farmhouse food. The chickens, ducks and vegetables here are mostly raised and planted by the villagers. The dishes made are not only delicious but also hygienic. The overlord of the Auntie Hotel is not “chicken”. The soup of the mother-in-law restaurant, the braised pork of the small uncle restaurant, the onion-roasted squid of the Grand A-Nan Hotel, and the white-baked chicken of the Luoyiwu Hotel are all delicious local farmers.

It is reported that this year's "May 1" holiday, Langxia Town rural leisure tour will highlight the folk culture, holiday leisure and interactive experience theme of traditional farming culture, high-tech agriculture and future agriculture of China's Jiangnan Agricultural Building, showcasing cloth, homespun clothing and derivatives Lianxiang Buzhuang, Lianxiang Cultural House, which displays Lianxiang culture, history and supplies, will be fully open to showcase the Chinese wedding culture in real and graphic, so that tourists in the meantime can truly feel the folks of Jiangnan. The greatness and charm of folk culture.

In the fruit and vegetable gardening and vegetable bases of the Langxia Ecological Park, visitors can also experience the pleasure of picking strawberries and various fruits and vegetables. The bonsai DIY of the seed seedling base can also be used by the children themselves to create a bonsai to take home, or Go to the Shanghai Agricultural Science Museum to make a grain sticker with the seeds of the plant; and the village duck racing competition, horse riding, bicycle riding, plant maze, and country golf in Zhonghua Village Farmhouse all reflect the fun of rural leisure. (China News Network)

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