Beijing launched the National Leisure Travel Plan in March

"Leisure for work, work for leisure", with this as a slogan, Beijing will launch its own national leisure travel plan this year, vigorously develop rural tours, study tours, and develop "...

“Casual for work, work for leisure”, with this as a slogan, Beijing will launch its own national leisure tourism plan this year, vigorously develop rural tourism, study tour, and develop a “tourist card” with preferential functions, under the umbrella of leisure tourism. Pulling domestic demand. The specific plan will be introduced in March.

Focus on rural tour and study tour

Yesterday, the 2009 Beijing Tourism Work Conference was held. Zhang Huiguang, director of the Municipal Tourism Bureau, announced that Beijing will vigorously develop national leisure tourism this year.

City Tourism Bureau spokesman Gu Xiaoyuan revealed that the specific plan will be introduced in March. Combined with the characteristics of Beijing's tourism resources, this plan will focus on the development of rural tours and study tours.

Earlier, Gu Xiaoyuan said in an interview that the Municipal Tourism Administration will actively promote the study tour of primary schools, middle schools and universities, and strive to study the study tour as a social practice and put it into the teaching plans of various primary and secondary schools in Beijing.

“This requires coordination with the Municipal Education Commission, which is difficult.” Gu Xiaoyuan said that even if it is unable to break through the policy restrictions of the education sector, the tourism department will also design a series of study tour products for students from Beijing and other places in Beijing, “such as red. Tourism, educational tourism, science and technology tourism, etc."

It is proposed to promote "tourism card"

Zhang Huiguang said that as part of the national leisure tourism plan, the recent Municipal Tourism Bureau will cooperate with more than 800 community workstations in the city to provide “one-day tour” services for Beijing residents and “launch Beijingers to Beijing rural tourism.”

"The introduction of a series of preferential policies is fundamental to the implementation of the national leisure tourism plan." Gu Xiaoyuan revealed that the tourism department is negotiating with the relevant units to try to open a free tourist bus and issue a "tourist card" in Beijing. According to the concept of the Municipal Tourism Administration, after the “Travel Card”, guests will be able to enjoy various discounts such as restaurants, scenic spots and transportation.

Gu Xiaoyuan said that it is more difficult to develop and promote a set of “tourism card” alone. You can consider cooperating with the existing municipal traffic card. “The sooner you implement it, the faster it will be effective, and the specific plan has not yet been determined.”

Guangdong practice Beijing is not implemented

As a designated pilot of the National Tourism Administration, Guangdong Province has taken the lead in launching the National Tourism and Leisure Plan, encouraging residents to arrange vacations and connecting with the “May 1st” holiday to form a new Golden Week of Tourism.

Zhang Huiguang revealed that the Beijing Tourism Bureau has no similar plan for this "curve recovery of the May 1 Golden Week". "But we really hope that everyone will take more vacations and travel more, and hope that the paid vacation system can be implemented."

Noun explanation

As for the concept of “study tour”, people in the tourism industry in Beijing explained that this concept originated from Japan and South Korea. According to the usual understanding of the tourism industry, multi-finance primary and secondary school students use winter and summer vacations under the organization of schools and travel agencies to travel. Ways to experience local history, culture, etc. Most of the tours include local institutions of higher learning, museums, etc.

Specific measures "Do not send travel coupons to scenic spots tickets"

Free tickets will be issued before the Qingming, leaning to the difficult groups and the elderly

Recently, many cities across the country have issued travel coupons to stimulate domestic demand, while Beijing prefers to issue free tickets directly. The Municipal Tourism Administration plans to reissue free scenic spots tickets before the Qingming holiday, focusing on the elderly and the difficult groups.

City Tourism Bureau Director Zhang Huiguang said yesterday that during the Spring Festival, Beijing sent 50,000 tickets to the scenic spots nationwide, and coordinated thousands of star-rated rooms for free bargains. The response was very good. With this successful experience, the City Tourism Bureau will continue to send tickets on a large scale this year. "This is the same as the nature of travel coupons, and the issuance and settlement of coupons is more cumbersome. We tend to issue free tickets."

Zhang Huiguang revealed that the second ticket will be delivered at the latest before the Qingming small holiday. As holiday travel has become very popular, the tourism department envisages the delivery of tickets before and after each holiday to encourage peak travel, and the distribution channels are still based on the community, with a focus on the elderly and the difficult groups.

"Free tickets issued during the Spring Festival are mostly provided by various scenic spots and temple fairs. Only the tickets for the Water Cube and the Bird's Nest are purchased by the government." Zhang Huiguang said that the future ticket delivery will continue this model, namely the scenic spot supply and the government. The combination of procurement.

Residents can receive Hangzhou travel vouchers online

Yesterday, announced that it will issue 100,000 sets of Hangzhou travel vouchers worth 10 million yuan in the country (except Hangzhou). Beijing citizens can obtain travel vouchers by booking vacations, booking hotels and applying online for three ways. You can apply online and enter the specified information to receive it.

This travel voucher can be used in 180 stores of 129 designated businesses in Hangzhou, including attractions, cruises, shows, restaurants, restaurants, foot baths, etc. There are 10 sets per person, each worth 10 yuan. A single purchase of 40 yuan, you can use 10 yuan. This coupon can be used not only for price, but also for lottery. The prize value is 400,000 yuan.

New measures for developing tourism in Beijing this year (partial)

1 National Leisure Tourism Program

The specific plan will be introduced in March, focusing on the development of rural tours and study tours. It is planned to open a free tourist bus and develop a “tourist card” with preferential functions.

2 Beijing people travel to Beijing

This year, we will launch the “Festival of Beijing in December” and “Beijing People in Beijing” activities, and launch a theme of festival tourism every month, making travel travel an important part of the daily life of the citizens.

3 tourism green channel

A number of “tourist green channels” will be opened to strive for the travel bus to enter Beijing for free highway tolls; the Beijing-Tianjin Spring Festival “Golden Week” activity model will be extended to the surrounding provinces and cities of Beijing.

4 Foreign promotion

Cooperate with La Liga Real Madrid against Barcelona to promote Beijing tourism products; cooperate with Australian rugby league and Formula One Championships; and cooperate with focus events such as the US NBA.