China's most beautiful self-driving route recommendation - Guilin Yangshuo Hezhou new game

The “Guangzhou-Hezhou-Yangshuo” self-driving route has been called “the most beautiful self-driving route in China” by the majority of fans. Starting from Guangzhou, all the way is beautiful, the rice fields are green, the ancient town is quiet, the forest is primitive,...

The “Guangzhou-Hezhou-Yangshuo” self-driving route has been called “the most beautiful self-driving route in China” by the majority of fans. Starting from Guangzhou, the roads are clear and beautiful, the rice fields are green, the ancient towns are quiet, the forests are primitive, and the mountains are beautiful... last year was praised as “ After the opening of the Guangzhou-Hezhou Expressway in Guangzhou, the Guangzhou-Hezhou Expressway was shortened from the original 5 hours to 2.5 hours. The Guilin Yangshuo Hezhou route has a new way of playing.

Driving directions: Guangzhou (252km)→ Hezhou 18th water (35km)—Ziyundong (50km)—Huangyao Ancient Town (128km)—Yangshuo (64km)→Guilin (100km)—Longji Terraced Field (Dazhai).


Day 1: Guangzhou to Hezhou, play Hezhou 18 Water, Ziyun Cave, go to Huangyao Ancient Town in the evening, stay in the hotel

The next day: noon to Yangshuo Farmhouse, dinner, drinking, drinking, hiking, cycling, bamboo raft

Day 3: Free time for half a day, go to Guilin in the afternoon

Day 4: Guilin to Longji, Accommodation Hill Inn

Day 5: Free time for a whole day

Day 6: Return

First stop: Hezhou

Hezhou has the reputation of “Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Back Garden”, with a forest coverage rate of 66%. The tourism resources cover forests, waterfalls, caves, ancient towns, ethnic customs, hot springs, stone forests, etc., and are rich in variety.

Hezhou 18 Water Scenic Area

The 18 waters are famous for their water. They are known as the Jiuzhaigou in Lingnan. The 10 waterfalls in the scenic area are currently only open to four. Along the mountain road, through the jungle, there are "the sound of the waterfall has not been seen, the sound of the waterfall is heard first", and the mood of the "crowding the cliff to see the scenery, the empty mountain to smell the waterfall". Came to the first yellow silk waterfall, rising in the misty valley, a natural humidifier, close your eyes, open your arms, take a few deep breaths, and have a cool, moist, direct lung.


Yellow silk waterfall bathing


Magnificent Buddha Waterfall


Charming fairy waterfall

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