Philosophy of Advertising: Promising and Inaction

Advertising is commercial and promising. I want to emphasize another point. Promising advertising can only reach high levels if it does nothing.

The nature of advertising is sales. It has a very strong business purpose. Its goal is clear and it is obviously "promising" - for sales. Never forget that advertising points to the mission of sales. When deciding on a strategy, when creating, they all imagine face-to-face with the customer. At the same time, they can imagine the psychological feeling when they see the advertisement and imagine that the amount of the advertisement is not enough.

Love strategies.

Because of his love of strategy, you are well aware that customers are resentful of others whispering something that has nothing to do with her. In terms of advertising performance, to give them a sense of attitude, you never talk about it, don't stand out, and don't "press" the audience's nerves. Give them the feeling of being indifferent to fame and fortune.

You seem to be doing nothing in the advertising strategy.

Don't be "talking loudly" to them because they are concerned about the sale of goods. Every word they say is related to their interests. The pursuit of "due the wind to sneak into the night, moistens the objects and is silent", arouses resonance and leads longing. Hold their hearts tightly. They like to listen to you. That's because every sentence is what they need.

If we want to find the wisdom in advertising, I think it is between promising and inaction.

For example, you must have a spirit of service, be willing to pay for others, not be forced on others, and be fair. Because of these qualities, customers have no defense against your advertisements.

If we use kite-flying metaphors, advertising performance and thinking are kites floating on the sky, and we can freely and freely swim in space. There is no limit to the manner and manner in which we naturally follow. After the line of strategy, we deeply hide our intentions. The creators enjoy the pleasure of creation, and the viewers enjoy the viewing pleasure. It seems that there is no sales purpose per se, and the sales purpose and strategy are still the root line and lead the direction.

The doctrine of all things in the world is between this and nothing.

Everything can be used as material for advertising creation.

At the time of creation, thinking is heaven and earth. Nature, plants, animals, humans, the universe, space, ghosts and ghosts can all be used by me. I am creating, creating music, creating happiness for customers, thinking infinity, no longer considering commodities, and creating products that melt into the avenue of the universe.

We use the company as a metaphor. It is a promising mentality to open a company to run a business in order to make continuous profits. Running an enterprise objectively provides employees with an opportunity for pleasant work. When employees are working very happily and employees are having fun at work, what she always remembers is the sense of accomplishment and joy of work. It is no longer making money. It is ineffective in making money. Because of the natural sense of fun created by this enjoyment, she can give the product high added value. Because of the joy of her work, the products she created must be better than others and should be sold at a reasonable price. Therefore, the smart boss must encourage the employees to create and work happy, her happiness brought the boss's profits.

On the other hand, if you start a company just to make money and crush your employees at all times, your employees are very upset. She will deal with her work, hate her job, and if the customer is not satisfied, the company will lose money. Because the boss is too "promising", and forced his staff to be too "promising", and the mentality of earning money is too eager to make money. It cannot be done.

Provide goods to society and earn profits from it. If you just cut corners to make money, the customer will leave. If we provide goods with the intention of serving customers and try to provide more value-added products from the customer's point of view, and no longer care about the benefits, the inaction mentality will inevitably bring good service to the customers. Naturally happy to return.

Then use a popular example to illustrate. In love, the ultimate goal is marriage. However, if we only consider the ultimate goal of marriage, we must not enjoy the pleasure of being in love. Without the pleasure of being in love, it is impossible for two people to go together and ultimately not lead to marriage. This also requires a purposeful, inaction mentality.

Paying lip service to retribution and retribution is the basic principle of change. "When you throw a stone into the pond, it will inevitably stir up embarrassment." When you think evil about others, it will inevitably stir up the resentment of others. The world is fair. Even if it is temporarily unfair, it will be fair for a long time. The natural law will make it fair. Nothing can create more value for advertising.

By the way, my own.

I think that if customers are willing to pay for my products, they must satisfy their needs. This need can be the product itself, or it can be the dream given on the product itself.

As an advertiser, being mandated by the company, coupled with the perfectionism in nature, and the irresistible passion for creation, I can't help but create a dream for the customer. There are shortcomings in real products. I use my imagination and abilities to create better and better products for them through the refinement and sublimation of product selling points and to carry out my “dreaming” project (I He is often touched by his own "dream." I have forgotten myself. I just enjoy the joy of work and creativity and enjoy giving them "production" products. In the mentality of the process, I am inaction.

As an advertiser, my job is to add value to the product. My creation has also achieved its purpose. I have a promising result.

The advertiser is like a sculptor. The original product is like a jade or stone, because her carving, jade or stone has become a work of art. The text is the cutting knife in our hands. The products that customers are mentally consuming are artworks that we have created again.

Laozi is right. This world, because of smart people's actions, has made the world even more chaotic. When these words come out, they may have similar consequences, but the facts have not happened because of your cover-up.

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