Advertising boss questions Facebook and Twitter profitability

Advertising boss questions Facebook and Twitter profitability According to foreign media reports, Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP Group, the world’s largest advertising company, questioned the profitability of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, claiming that the number of users does not mean that the profits are high.

“I basically have a skeptical attitude towards the profitability of social platforms. If you want to make money on social platforms, you have to take a lot of risk, and ultimately whether you can make money is still a question mark.” Solel said yesterday. , "Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. are all social interactions. In the past, we used to write to each other; now, we connect with each other through Facebook and Twitter and other communication platforms. If you want to use advertising information to fight When you break this connection process, you may be in trouble. Mark Zuckerberg tried two experiments, including Beacon advertising technology, and eventually failed."

Sorrell said that exerting influence on social networks, such as recommending products to each other through users, is “the most powerful way to build brand, trust, and reputation.” “But if you are too interested in making money from it, you may come across Dangerous borders.” He said, “I don’t believe in social media, but I’m worried about the way you insert advertisements when people are interacting socially. If I’m talking to you, suddenly, I’ll send you a commercial message. How would you feel about it? If I say 'buy it one' or 'try to do it' it seems to be inconsistent with the content of the conversation and it is very abrupt and impolite.”

Previously, there were reports this week that Facebook had postponed to the end of next year, and some analysts claimed that Mark Zuckerberg's company did not achieve its revenue target.

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