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As a professional woman, as long as you continue to work hard, you will have the opportunity sooner or later, there is always a time when you speak. However, if you are not good at expressing yourself in hard-won opportunities, chances will be fleeting. All women who have achieved success know that their success is based on their ability to organize and lead their colleagues and improve their relationships. In other words, their abilities have to be “early seen”. Opportunity.

Giving up opportunities for people to express themselves can only make you more mediocre, let alone advance to important positions. If you find yourself paralyzed when speaking in public, you should not comfort yourself with the fact that many people are afraid to speak. Instead, you should “force” yourself to show your charm in front of everyone. Remember, in public, it is your chance to show yourself. Moreover, your external image is just as important as the content of your speech. Let me talk about small meetings, self-image coping strategies.

Formal occasions Self-expression strategies Small internal meetings generally refer to meetings of no more than 15 people. Before you attend the meeting, what is the best way to clarify the purpose of attending the meeting? Who is your audience? In addition, it is necessary to make it clear that it is a very formal press conference, and it is also an informal seminar or conference. If you are attending the meeting only to inform the audience about certain aspects of the information, without the need to trigger their discussion, in order to express their authority, you are conservative and fully demonstrate your confidence through your words and deeds. You can also consider traditional clothing, because nothing is more likely to cause people's fuss than novel appearance. Choose a dark outfit that will make you look healthy and vibrant, with a simple blouse, and replace the scarves and bracelets with high-quality necklaces and eye-catching earrings. After deducting the clothes button, look at whether your clothes fit, because you have to wear it to make regular statements. If your chest and whole body are full, then you wear loose.

Body language If you want your speech to be accepted by the audience, then your gestures, posture, and voice should be as convincing as the content of your speech. Do not put your hands in a defensive position with your hands clenched or arms crossed. These actions can only show that you are more conservative. In this case, it is not surprising if the audience does not know what you are talking about. In order to make the contents of your speech understood by the audience, you must take an open and frank gesture. For example, when you are lecturing or explaining a problem to people, let your natural hand aside, or use a palm-up gesture. You must hope to gain the trust of your audience. Then, you shouldn’t take any preaching actions, that is, those gestures that emphasize, sit on the stage, hold hands in two hands, and hold your fingers in a tower shape. These actions are Pride and arrogance. No matter how serious the topic you are talking about, occasional smiles, rather than grinning, can always help you win more support. With your eyes, you deliberately look around at everyone on the conference room as if you were speaking to someone. Even if this look is only a fly or two. Do not despise the eyes of those detractors. Let them also look up at you and show your self-confidence. It may even be used to "make friends." You must make your own voice convincing. Throughout the course of the speech, you use a low, rhythmic tone, just as if you were talking about facts.

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