Yunnan wants to borrow "machine" to lay eggs and peacocks who will lay eggs

Recently, Kunming and even Yunnan have been filled with information from the aircraft. The Kunming Airlines maiden voyage has won the first battle. The border city of Tengchong Airport is open to traffic. The new Kunming International Airport... A few days ago, it was boring, and it was also involved in Zhenghe with netizens. Will open the plane or will sail to find the ranks. Fortunately, I still have a habit of writing, and I only write about it. I don’t want to make any mistakes. In addition, I have a cold. Fortunately, I can sit in front of the computer and watch the plane rise and fall before the flight.

On the day of the opening of Tengchong Airport, authoritative sources said that Kunming New International Airport, the fourth largest national gateway airport in mainland China, will be open for the National Day of 2011. By 2010, the total number of Yunnan airports will exceed 15. It can be said that, as some newspapers have said, it seems that the aviation market in Yunnan is undergoing a bloody competition. Regardless of whether it has already flown, the Yunnan-owned “Yunnan”, or the “Lijiang” and “Tengchong” in the Yunnan branch, will be reopened in the cold. "Golden Peacock", or the nickname of other airlines outside the province, no doubt, Yunnan Airlines this cake is bound to be divided by many airlines. A series of reports about the aviation industry in Yunnan are more like a lot of firecrackers in the provinces and foreign airlines that are making cakes while thinking about how to eat cakes.

The maiden voyage of Kunming Airlines "Yunnan", a variety of service industries with ethnic characteristics, indicates that Yunnan's local aviation industry will add Yunnan ethnic elements and many local flavors into the cake. A long time ago, friends who have never been to Yunnan province to ask Yunnan friends who went out to Yunnan did not say whether the Yunnan people have a knife, whether they are riding an elephant to go to school, is it that the peacock meat is eaten by chicken... but Yunnan later came out. The great dancer, Yang Liping, her works such as "The Spirit of the Birds" and "Yunnan Image" show the charm of Yunnan ethnic minorities to friends all over the world, let more friends know and fall in love with Yunnan! As Yang Liping herself, she is a very great dancer, but at the same time she is also a beautiful golden peacock, and it is a golden peacock that will be under the "golden egg" - not only the creation of dance art or its works Market operation, Yang Liping fame and fortune! Of course, in contrast, the development of Yunnan's aviation industry, whether it is investment or operation, is far more costly and difficult than Yang Liping's dance creation, and the risk is also. Yunnan has a local airline, Yunnan's own airlines, and the construction of a county-level city airport in the future and the opening of a one-hour air route in hot tourist areas, which will undoubtedly promote the upgrading of the local tourism industry and promote local Economic development will have a huge role to play. Since it is a market-oriented operation, the investor will recover the investment cost. In the future, the market, efficiency and profit of the airline will be more thoughts on how to lay out the golden egg after the peacock is formed.

According to relevant news reports, the total investment in a new Kunming International Airport will exceed 23 billion yuan. According to the design, the passenger, cargo and mail throughput of Kunming New Airport will reach 38 million times and 950,000 tons in 2020. In the medium term, passengers and cargo throughput will reach 58 million passengers and 1.7 million tons in the medium term, and the long-term passengers and goods will be 2040. The mail throughput reached 65 million passengers and 2.3 million tons. The big investment in capital, the big plan for airport scale, the blueprint is good, but the road to recovering costs and achieving sustainable profitability is tortuous! In the future, airlines inside and outside the province will be eating the cake of Yunnan Airlines. Who will get more? Will the phenomenon that the ticket is not discounted will be converted into a price war? Especially after the intervention of government capital and behavior. As far as a new Kunming International Airport is concerned, whether it is the acceptance of tourists or the throughput of goods, will it be as expected? Whether it is a peacock or a dinosaur, you have to lay eggs. To survive, you have to have so much food for you to eat. Localization and forward-looking international positioning are just ideas. For a company, profitable and sustainable profitability can be rest assured. The airport is built, and there are enough passengers to get in and out of the airport. I want to take a plane and do a bus. Is it two different things? Even if it is as cheap as taking a plane and taking a bus, is it a local government that wants to use the "machine" to lay eggs? Have you seriously thought about what you should do first?

As the development of Yunnan's aviation industry, whether it is the involvement of government capital and behavior, private capital is the main body, or the corporatization of the market operation; whether it is cost recovery or sustainable profit; whether it is the red-sky company outside the province Eat this big cake, or the province's airlines alone, whether the government or the company achieve a win-win situation, planes and peacocks, try to see who will lay eggs!

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