Entering the "Smart City" Technology Brings Quality Life

Park Management Committee Exhibition Hall

Zhongxin Science and Technology Park

On October 11th, the nation’s mainstream media reporters came to China-Singapore Eco-Tech City to experience smart technology.

Located in the northern area of ​​Suzhou Industrial Park, Zhongxin Ecological Science & Technology City covers an area of ​​4 square kilometers. It is a livable Jiangnan Water Town Demonstration New Town integrating ecological environmental protection, energy-saving R&D and manufacturing, scientific and technological R&D and manufacturing, residential, commercial and other functions. The important projects for expanding China-Singapore cooperation areas and upgrading cooperation levels are also important carriers for implementing ecological optimization plans.

It is understood that as of the end of September, the China-Singapore Ecological Science and Technology City has introduced more than 90 projects, accumulatively assigned 136.22 hectares of industrial land, leased area of ​​about 130,000 square meters, gathered a group of well-known enterprises, and attracted investment of more than 1.5 billion US dollars.

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