Advertising content is no longer more important than form

In Ogerville's advertising remarks, there is a view that advertising content is more important than formality, but with the development of economy, this view is increasingly inapplicable.

With the rapid development of the economy, there is a "problem" that has already begun to become a challenge for global companies: product homogeneity. Its penetration rate is extremely fast and has a widespread impact. Even many international famous brands cannot escape. From a certain point of view, homogeneity is a good thing for consumers, and at least you can enjoy the preferential prices or better services that you compete for. However, for enterprises, there is no doubt that there is more resistance to market development or business development. On the same level, since everyone's products are similar, enterprises can only win the attention of the audience through advertising creativity, that is, through what form of expression the products that are “homogeneous” will be highlighted.

In today's product homogenization, Ogway's "advertising content is more important than form" is one-sided.

Today is the era of reading pictures, but this does not diminish the role of copywriting in advertisements. It just does not require lengthy discussions and strives for conciseness. For advertisements, it usually consists of two parts: the content and the form of expression. If we say that a copy of the print advertisement is very exciting, but the typesetting is not put in the right place, it is not very prominent, which is bound to be greatly reduced in the effectiveness of advertising. This is a very specific example, but it often appears in real advertising design.

In the same advertising copy, one hundred kinds of typesetting or design style may have one hundred effects. This has to remind us that the form of advertising can not be ignored. In my opinion, the content of advertisements should be at least equal to the form of expression, and be compatible with each other. Even the form of advertisements should be slightly more. “If there are three things to say, cleverness is a good thing,” in other words, if you pay attention to the form or technique of speaking, the expressed effect will be different, and you can even reach a wonderful situation. This fully demonstrates the importance of expression. Sex.

In general, if an ad appears to be more content than form, it should be an under-represented ad. As we all know, the form of advertising can play a role in artistic packaging. In turn, if the expression of advertising is “slightly” more important than the content of advertising, then it is understandable. However, if the form is too heavy, it is somewhat suspect of “formalism” or “false advertising”—this situation is not a good thing for the company. Even if consumers are temporarily flickered, it will certainly show up over time. Will affect the brand image, in the end more harm than good.

Consumers are exposed to too many advertisements every day, so that their sensitivity is getting weaker and weaker, resulting in "advertising antibodies". But at the same time, they have also developed a strong appreciation ability, not to mention inferior advertisements, and even poorly creative. Advertising may also be difficult for consumers to see. In short, as long as the content of the advertisement is true, try to play with more creative ideas in the form to attract more attention. Isn't advertising better?

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