Analysys International Chairman Yu Wei: Weibo is also a cloud service

Analysys International Chairman Yu Wei: Weibo is also a cloud service November 26, Beijing time, the China Internet Gaming Association, jointly sponsored by the China Federation of Internet Expos, the Tencent V5, Kang Sheng Xinchuang, Pippi Elf, and Silicon Valley Power E-Commerce Port, was held today at the Shenzhen Civic Center. With the theme of “Microeconomic Life, New Business Opportunity”, the new revolution in microblog life, microblog marketing and e-commerce will be explored in depth. As an exclusive portal, Tencent Technology supports the live broadcast of the entire conference and Tencent Weibo as the exclusive microblog live broadcast platform hits the conference.

The following is the speech of the chairman of Analysys International Yu Jie:

Yu Hao: Hello, everyone in Shenzhen, good morning! I am very glad to have the opportunity to come to such a venue today to share with you some of the views of Analysys on the Internet. There is such a story that there is a Chinese international student buying things in the United States. He buys more goods, so he starts to calculate prices. Looking at the sky at this time began to count, all Americans were curious to know what he was doing, and finally he got a total price, and then paid the money to the owner, so the Americans suddenly realized that this is cloud computing.

This is a joke. It also reflects our reality today. Everyone hears many Internet stories and hears many sayings that are in the cloud. In the end, what is the cloud, the cloud and us, and everyone we have here today? What is the relationship between each of our companies? I think this is the question I want to answer with you today.

I believe that everyone is very familiar with the natural environment where we live today. In nature we have the land and soil that we have grown and where we live. At the same time, we also see a lot of such water systems, especially for everyone. The reservoir may be familiar, and the process of rainfall is also familiar to everyone. So I want to use a familiar process to share with you what cloud and cloud services are.

If we say that we compared the entire reservoir to full user needs, through the grasp of user needs, precipitated user behavior and data, and understand the user's data, the evaporation of the sun is like taking out such demand. , which is our real consumer in the market, is to use this kind of evaporation like the sun, to bring out related products and services, form water droplets, and form raindrops to evaporate into the sky.

Each raindrop represents a product and service we encounter today. Such products and services may address the needs of users or consumers at every single point, but not necessarily such a kind of raindrop. Products and services can form a scale effect, so at this time we have some convergence. We see the formation of raindrops and the gradual formation of clouds, so that the clouds will eventually be in accordance with the region where it is located, the soil where it is located, and the conditions of the market where it is located. Finally, it is necessary to put the rain down.

These rain users will give back to it, and this kind of feedback will become the user's consumption habits of products and services and return to the reservoir. So what we are seeing today is such an ever-lasting ecosystem that actually constitutes what we call the cloud ecosystem today.

Each of us here will inevitably be affected by the cloud of the future. When electricity began to be scarce 100 years ago, it was a very extravagant act to have electricity. In the 1950s, 100% of companies received industrial power. When we used electricity today, no one was very proud to say that our company has electricity, because electricity is already everywhere, and today I want to share with you an important point of view. We think that the future will be as little as 20 years and as many as 30 years. All companies and organizations are organizations of Internet companies. When we talk about the Internet today, in fact, the Internet has become as ubiquitous as water and electricity after 20 or 30 years. At that time, it is not a matter of whether we want or not. How to adapt to such a trend change, of course, in such a future pattern, as we have seen today, the entire layout around electricity, we have power plants, we have power grid companies, there are power equipment companies In the future, the Internet will repeat this value chain. I will provide hardware to provide product services and provide related public relations.

There is no doubt that such a thing, I think not only we can feel every day, I believe that every person here today is the Internet users, we use Internet products every day. Let me give you an example. In 2007, Analysys put forward a topic on the Internet. I would like to cite such an example. When consumers go to the bank to withdraw money, and when someone picks up the cash at the counter, the consumer actually does not know that such an action should be taken. In fact, large computer systems will be used later, and large-scale storage systems will be used to handle the final terminal operations.

But today I believe that more and more consumers can actually feel the bank's services through mobile phones and APGs. In fact, every consumer can have it at his fingertips. This is not only the future, we have already felt today. Arrived. Today some people say that this is the future trend, and the best way is to take the initiative to embrace this change, rather than passively coping with it. Because the Internet will change everything, the Internet will definitely make our life easier to work. In the process, I think it is still divided into several stages.

For example, we talked about the issue of cloud in several stages. The first is the private cloud. This is very similar to the development of electricity. In 1910, enterprises could afford to use energy costs and equipment at the time, and purchase those costs. With its own power generation system to generate electricity, as we see today in the cloud, large-scale enterprises are more established privately. We think this is a necessary process. When enough private cloud is popular in this market, it begins to integrate through a certain scale, and some public clouds appear slowly. Of course, there are some challenges here, such as the challenges of technology, technology is always a problem, and then the issue of early investment and security, we may ask the shape of the cloud, whether we see it today we will use it as What, for example, today everyone mentioned that e-mail is a cloud service, and the microblogging we use today is also a cloud service.

So the cloud's form actually has three keywords in a certain sense. The first one is multi-screen. You want to have such a scene. When you go to work, you use a mobile phone to play games. Maybe you are dealing with an office place. When you're at the office's desktop, you don't really need to start over because you only need to enter a unified account, and you can continue on the way to work. You can continue to play your game on the way to work and then return to your place of residence. The game you are playing, the movie you watch will continue to play in your living room. This is the first time we see the multi-screen.

The second full network, in fact, consumers do not care about exactly how to access, in the future we think there will be a variety of access methods, such as wireless broadband, such as the future of digital networks, which is plaguing the mobile Internet in the future The problem will not exist in the future with the development of technology.

There is a problem. The cloud is an important future. Who will be an important founder?

I have three companies here, one is Microsoft. We see three examples. The first is Microsoft. It comes from the traditional desktop. This is a cloud strategy.

The second is Amazon. It cuts in from the perspective of e-commerce. In the past, more services were front-end. It is now copying experience and I hope to provide this experience to users.

The third is Google, which is based on search, and also hopes to use this search as a service to provide more businesses.

Who would be the innovator of China’s cloudization model, perhaps Tencent, Baidu, or Ali, but there is a certainty that there are many companies on this map today, the position of these companies is not static, perhaps in the future we are here today A classmate and a colleague will create a business for you. It will be in this domain, but there is no doubt that no matter which aspect you cut in, this is the last point you need to provide cloud services. It is the key to users. Management system.

Finally, we want to return to the ecosystem of the cloud. In such an ecosystem, we don't need every enterprise to try to do everything. This is an ecosystem that everyone needs to enter. We need to do the right thing. In our own position, whether we are part of the so-called development of water droplets or the part of evaporation, we often say that even if today we see the Internet is a gold rush, you are not necessarily necessary to do this gold digger, or maybe you can choose to go Sell ​​a pair of jeans and water.

In the end, I think we want to promote such a cloudized process. We especially hope that in the future, a multi-screen, cross-platform network across the Internet will use our knowledge, experience, and skills to drive this process. With the future of China's great companies, can promote China's industrial innovation, thank you!

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