Plastic Surgery Market Heat Post Risk

Plastic Surgery Market Risk Postoperative Risk Cosmetic surgery improves the appearance through surgery to increase confidence. Plastic surgery usually refers to face shaping, including cutting double eyelids, jaw chin, rhinoplasty, soft lips, dimples, correct teeth, wrinkles, acne, eyelashes, hair removal, and so on. With the advancement of modern medical technology, medical cosmetic surgery has begun to take off, and more and more people are involved. Women do more cosmetic surgery, but now many men are trying plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is risky. Smaller surgery will have trauma, and there will be risks if there is trauma. But this does not mean that plastic surgery can't be done. Must go to the state-approved plastic surgery institutions for surgery, must have medical beauty professional doctors to carry out. However, there are many people who are disfigured every year because of the failure of the cosmetic surgery, and even because of improper operation, they died on the operating table of the cosmetic surgery.

On the other hand, even if the cosmetic surgery is successful, over time, the appearance of the orthopedic organ is likely to change, and as the age changes, the scars caused by plastic surgery will gradually appear, and the beauty brought by plastic surgery will be maintained. The dream of a lifetime cannot come true. Therefore, many people have cosmetic surgery. After a few years of beauty, the position of the prosthesis is shifted, or the cosmetic effect fades. Therefore, it is necessary to perform an operation again for cosmetic surgery.

In recent years, plastic injections have become popular. Many people choose hyaluronic acid for facial wrinkles or fillers for rhinoplasty and lip surgery. Injecting hyaluronic acid is quite safe in use, and the chance of allergies is very low. In general, skin sensitivity tests are not required. However, there are still some complications worthy of our attention, such as the formation of arterial embolism, fibrosis and granulation tissue, local redness, swelling and pain, local hematoma and even infection, patient anxiety and foreign body sensation. However, after hyaluronic acid injection, hyaluronic acid is generally absorbed by the body for several months or years. Therefore, if you want to maintain beauty, it is impossible to achieve plastic surgery by using hyaluronic acid and other substances.

In addition, many beauty salons use Ogilvy to pose as “hyaluronic acid” and “collagen,” and white-collar workers buy “face-lift needles” and “white needles” DIY plastics from their shopping websites. Since the beginning of last year, injections have exceeded 80% of the total injection volume. At the same time, it is worrying that 30% of the people who have failed injections have been injected. Most of them have been injected at beauty salons and suffer endless problems.

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