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Since 2010, the most iconic event in China's Internet development has been the rapid rise of Weibo. Qian Xiaoxuan, deputy director of the Central Office of Foreign Propaganda Office and deputy director of the State Internet Information Office, disclosed at the 11th China Internet Media Forum that since Sina launched Sina’s microblogging test in August 2009, in just two years, Weibo users have As many as 300 million. Compared to Weibo, email and instant messaging have taken a decade to reach the scale of 300 million users. This shows the development of Weibo. With the rapid growth of users, Weibo has become one of the most influential media platforms. After the incident of Guo Meimei, Zhao Baige, executive vice president of the Chinese Red Cross Society, lamented that Guo Meimei destroyed the 100-year operation of the Red Cross in three days. This power is unimaginable on any media platform and Internet platform before Weibo. However, while vigorously promoting public opinion supervision, information dissemination, and user interaction, Weibo is also flooded with undesirable content such as false information, spam, and language violence. The “7.23” Great Wall Wenchuan railway accident was still under intense rescue. On Weibo, “300 bodies were found on the scene, transported by two trucks,” and “the victim’s arm was cut off.” After such rumors were announced, false information such as “still 29 people missing” was reported. Although these rumors were later punctured, they further stimulated the public nerves immersed in grief and created nervous, dissatisfied and even opposing social emotions. Therefore, how can we use advantages and avoid disadvantages to make good use of Weibo? The answer given by China Network Television (CNTV) is “Weibo simulcast”, an authoritative publishing platform based on Weibo.

As a state-level new media dissemination platform and a central key news website, China Internet TV's microblog service has adopted a two-legged model. On the one hand, CNV microblogging went online in early 2011, and microblogging applications such as Weibo Wall, Weibo show, micro live broadcast, micro interviews, and micro topics were launched. In the past year, CNTV Weibo has become the official microblog platform for CCTV hosts, reporters, and columns. It has also been widely used in major events and events such as the Spring Festival Gala, Model Contest, Sudirman Cup, and nearly 5 million registered users. On the other hand, based on its understanding of its content advantages and microblog media properties, China Internet TV has focused on creating a new Weibo unicast content product. Weibo unicast drew on the concept of "News Broadcasting", the CCTV column, and brought together the latest information provided by new media reporters from CCTV and China Internet TV. It also relied on a professional team to ensure the authority of news releases. Public credibility, while avoiding the traditional Weibo content fragmentation and theme arbitrariness.

According to the relevant person in charge of CNTV, Weibo simulcasting is an innovation that China's Internet TV station tried to differentiate the development of Weibo. It combines the socialization and mobilization characteristics of Weibo and CNTV's powerful content production capabilities. At the same time, Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo have reached a strategic cooperation relationship with CNTV Weibo, and Weibo simulcast content can be simultaneously published on Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo. Through Weibo simulcast and the operation of official Weibo at all levels, CNTV Weibo will work with Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo to purify the network environment and create a more honest Weibo environment for the majority of users. In 2012, China Internet TV will increase the operation of Weibo’s simulcast and build Weibo simulcast into the most authoritative and timely news source of the Weibo platform. Moreover, in addition to upgrading existing CNV microblogging clients, Wei Bo-Network Broadcast will also release independent client products so that users can get the most accurate and real news information no matter where they are.

The launch of CNTV Weibo and Weibo simulcast not only shows that China Internet TV station attaches great importance to Weibo, a new type of social media, but also reflects the business layout of China Internet TV to mobile Internet. According to statistics from iResearch, with the popularity of 3G networks and smartphones, the era of mobile internet has come. In the third quarter of 2011, the scale of China's mobile Internet market reached 10.83 billion yuan, and the number of users has reached 396 million. China Internet TV has launched WAP, mobile newspaper, mobile video, and Paradise in the mobile Internet, as well as mobile clients such as “Live China” and “I love Africa”. This time, it has used the Weibo platform and microblogging simulcast products. China Internet TV further enriched the mobile service product line and will create a one-stop mobile service platform through the interaction between mobile products, so that users can enjoy mobile Internet life anytime anywhere.

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