The property market enters the “major adjustment period” and deeper price cuts or price wars

The era of huge profits in real estate has become a thing of the past and has become the consensus of current developers. Vanke President Yu Liang announced recently that “Vanke has entered the 'winter' model. Under this model, cash is king first, and cash flow is more important than profit.”

Wang Shi, the chairman of the board of directors, even stated his position that the effect of real estate macro-control has begun to bear fruit. The current bubble is already very dangerous. Although it is a stakeholder, once the bubble bursts, big housing companies bear the brunt of it.

Beijing Zhongyuan Market Research Department believes that on the one hand, a number of housing companies will choose cash as the king and actively sell their homes; on the other hand, this will drive the property market to further deeper price cuts, or lead to a price war.

Some Shanghai self-proclaimed zero-profit sales of real estate prices across the tide has just opened the curtain, but there has been a lot of time to be claimed or claimed to be "zero profit" or even a loss of real estate. However, the actual loss of these projects is actually a very small number, and the gross profit of most projects is still higher than the general level of other industries.

A Shanghai-based property that sells for less than RMB 10,000/sq.m., Xuhui Haoyuewan, has become a hot spot in recent media reports because it claims to have “zero profit” sales. However, the total investment amount of the project announced by the Shanghai Municipal Construction and Exchange Commission translates to only 6,000 yuan per square meter of investment. Based on the current selling price, developers can obtain at least 3,000 yuan per square meter of gross profit.

Shanghai Du Yueping lawyer said that whether the house has zero profits, to wait until the entire real estate sales are completed. Before it was sold out, it declared to the public that “zero profit sales” would mislead home buyers, and it was suspected of false advertising.

Beijing Beijing's suburbs further reduced their price cuts. With the new round of price cuts in the suburbs of Beijing, Xianghe, Gu'an and other Beijing property markets have begun to dip. In addition to discounts, gifts and other traditional tricks, they also launched group purchase deals, such as 4,000 yuan in the sale of special offers.

It is reported that Yanjiao, Xianghe, Gu'an, and other neighboring Beijing regions have a large amount of residential stocks and local demand is relatively limited. After relying on Beijing's needs for a long time, most of the projects will target the target customers in wage earners in Beijing. In the third quarter of this year, despite Beijing’s purchase restrictions, house prices have not dropped significantly. These areas are still a lot of “Beijing Drifting” choices because of their lower selling prices and gradually improved traffic environment.

Wuhan property market launches "winter mode"

The National Bureau of Statistics recently released statistics on the property market in October, showing that Wuhan's new home prices in October fell 0.2% from the previous month. This is the first time since the National Bureau of Statistics statistics on the Wuhan property market this year has seen price cuts.

Although most developers are reluctant to admit that “price cuts”, but the real sales situation, developers are also “cold and self-knowing.” In fact, there is only one month left from 2012. For housing companies, what models will be adopted by companies in the coming year to cope with the cooling market, which is probably more important than the year-end performance. Therefore, the “winter mode” of price reduction promotion, digestion of inventory, and project cooperation has started in the Wuhan property market. "Today's price reductions will adopt more subtle tactics." A real estate salesman at the Wuchang Center said that the promotion method in the past two months is very subtle, that is, constantly calling or sending text messages to pre-existing customers. .

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