Chongqing highway logistics base will become a national logistics hub platform

“The overall design meets the standards, and the industrial planning meets the standards. The hardware such as factory buildings and warehousing meet the standards. Vehicles, packaging, containers, etc. all have standards.” Recently, the national logistics hub platform and the largest highway logistics base in the west, Chongqing Road The logistics base was formally approved as a pilot demonstration project for Chongqing highway logistics service standardization.

It is understood that the Chongqing Highway Logistics Base has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and is one of the key projects in Chongqing "three bases and four ports." The base is located in the inner ring and outer ring of Nanpen Street, Banan District, Chongqing City. The project has a total investment of 10 billion yuan. It is a road hub integrating multimodal transport, modern warehousing, cargo loading, display transactions, value-added processing, and urban distribution. In the economic cluster area, the cargo throughput is 98 million tons.

It is reported that its standardized pilot demonstration projects for highway logistics services include transportation, warehousing, distribution, trading, and processing. Chen Youling, a well-known industry expert and professor of Chongqing University, believes that modern logistics industry is a new service industry, and logistics standardization refers to logistics as a large system, formulating system internal facilities, mechanical equipment, including technical standards, operational standards, and as a modern logistics Highlight the characteristics of logistics information standards and form a national and international standardization system. At present, the domestic logistics industry has not really established a relatively perfect standard system, and there are no uniform standards for base construction, logistics services and management. The main manifestations are the lag in logistics standardization, information standardization, basic logistics standards, and lack of logistics service standards. At the same time, because of the limited development environment of the industry, many logistics companies have weak awareness of standardization and lack of talents.

“Standardization is an inevitable trend in the development of the logistics industry.” The person in charge of Chongqing Highway Logistics Base Construction Management Committee told reporters. The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" of Chongqing also pointed out: "To improve the modern logistics system, build a large international logistics channel, improve the distribution hub of the logistics hub, and accelerate the construction of an international logistics center in the western region."

The combination of logistics industry and standardization is imperative. In order to better create logistics standards, Chongqing Banan District has established a leading group of road logistics service standardization demonstration areas, and has introduced Chongqing, Banan District quality supervision departments, and Chongqing University and other colleges and universities standardization talents to fully promote pilot projects. The work is carried out and implemented.

"With service at the core, standardization will be applied throughout the entire process of planning, construction, management, and service of the logistics base." As one of the leading members of the standardized demonstration zone for highway logistics service in Banan District, Chongqing, the party secretary of Banan District Quality Supervision Bureau Huang Shiwei said in an interview that the demonstration project for the standardization of highway logistics services has an innovative meaning because it is different from the past standardization of the implantation in the later stages of the project. This time it was involved at the beginning of the base construction, not only in time, but also in advance. The coverage is also more extensive and consistent throughout.

According to reports, the logistics base will be formally completed in two years, when the standardization of logistics will be integrated throughout the system, to achieve "consistent to the home" type of logistics, its efficiency from speed, intermediate loading and unloading, handling, temporary storage costs, intermediate losses Reduced and achieved, thus greatly reducing logistics costs and significantly improving benefits. At the same time, logistics standardization will further guide the logistics companies to help establish a sound standard system, standardize the role of standardization in the development of the logistics industry, and increase the core competitiveness.

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