Explore the most "river and lake" places in Hong Kong

Before I went to Temple Street, I heard that it was the most "river and lake" place in Hong Kong...

Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market

Before I went to Temple Street, I heard that it was the most "river and lake" place in Hong Kong. People outside Hong Kong know this land, mostly through movies, Wu Qianlian in "The Story of Temple Street", Li Keqin in "Mothers in Temple Street", Andy Lau in "Twelve Temples", and "The God of Food" Zhou Xingchi in the room, very men and women, very diet. When the rivers and lakes are windy, they teach people to escape; on weekdays, they are delicate and teach people to sink, and these temples and movies are not really like drama. (Photo from Xiao Xu's blog)

But since I first entered the temple street, I was liked by its civilians. Although Temple Street is a mixed place of Hong Kong dragons and snakes, it is also the place of early fireworks in Hong Kong, but it is safe to play around here. Strolling from the alarm clock to the music box, from the teapot to the radio, from the fancy T-shirt to the sexy underwear, from the "broken" jeans to the fashionable dresses, weird gadgets, it’s really amazing, the price is Not expensive, some people may not see the eye at all, but some people may be able to find their heart here, walk in these places and wander freely, feel the noisy big night market of Temple Street.

While walking around Temple Street, you can even notice a lot of stalls selling pirated, counterfeit and AV porn, but this is a feature. One place is made up of many cultural features. Temple Street It is also characterized by diet, the most populous open-air food stalls, the most famous and authentic Taipa rice resort in Hong Kong, and not the temple street. Although you eat clay pot rice in Temple Street, you must endure the wet underground. Noisy and noisy screams and crowded environments, but the feeling of down to earth, the flavor that should be eaten by the claypot is very real, and staying up late is the best choice. To Temple Street, you are actually going to experience this night market full of authentic culture, because the night is more exciting...

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