CIC participates in acquisition of Japanese logistics facilities

ProLogis, a provider of logistics facilities under the Singapore Government Investment Corporation, announced on the 19th that it will establish a joint venture with China Investment Corporation through its wholly-owned subsidiary, each holding 50% of the shares. The parties will spend 1,226 yuan. Yen Yen ($1.6 billion) has jointly acquired 15 modern logistics facilities in Japan.

It is reported that the 15 logistics facilities to be acquired this time will come from Jones Lang LaSalle Investment Management Co., a subsidiary of Jones Lang LaSalle with a total construction area of ​​770,989 square meters, of which more than 90% are located in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Osaka area. This acquisition is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2012.

Prologue said that after the acquisition, ProLogis will undertake the management of the above joint venture company and provide asset and real estate management services. The deal will boost Prosper’s Japanese investment by about 30% to 3.6 million square meters.

According to public statistics, China Investment Corporation is one of the important investors of ProLogis, and the China National Social Security Fund also commissioned the Bosshi Fund to purchase 100 million Prologis shares during the IPO of Gyros last year, which accounted for the total share capital of Prolos after IPO was completed. 2.2%.

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