China's logistics market scales to third in the world

In 2011, under the premise of multiplication of online shopping, the Chinese express delivery industry has also developed rapidly.

This year, the average annual growth rate of domestic express delivery volume is as high as 27.23%, the total volume of business has doubled in five years, and the average daily processing volume has increased from 3 million to 13 million. Ma Junsheng, director of the State Post Bureau, said that in a short period of time, China's express delivery market has grown into the emerging strategic service industry with the fastest growth rate and the greatest potential for development, ranking third in the world in terms of market size.

At the same time, express delivery companies are faced with difficulties such as “high logistics transportation costs” and “low-price competition”, and problems such as “exceeding shipments” and “violence sorting”.

This year, the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of the postal industry and the “Guidelines for the Operation of Express Delivery Operations” have been issued in succession, which has provided important guidance for the development of the domestic logistics express delivery industry.

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The courier company was trapped in the "violence sorting" storm. In January, the three express companies Shentong, Yuantong, and Zhongtong exposed the "mail fly" video as being out of touch with the courier service. The State Post Bureau immediately issued a notice requiring the express delivery company to guarantee express delivery services. quality. In fact, behind the “violence sorting”, it is the shipments caused by the year-end promotions. The current rapid growth of goods makes the courier companies appear disconnected. The lack of sorting of the goods resulted in a shortage of warehouses, and in order to vacate the warehouse in time, a “violence sorting” situation occurred.


After the "State of the Eight Items" of logistics was released in June, after the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" of the "Postal Industry" and the "Guidelines for the Operation of Express Delivery Operations" were successively introduced, the logistics industry once again ushered in the logistics "State Eight" and proposed to reduce the tax burden on logistics companies. , increase the support of land policies, reduce the cost of crossing the bridge, and resolve the difficulty of urban transit distribution and other eight measures. The person in charge of some logistics companies stated that they expect the country to further refine these measures so that preferential policies can be implemented.


The State Post Bureau brewed new rules for delivery vehicles. In March, the Ministry of Public Security and other departments jointly issued the Notice on Strengthening the Management of Electric Vehicles, which affected the express delivery companies. A number of private express delivery companies have severely restricted electric bicycles in terms of speed and load, which will double the delivery costs of express delivery companies. In order to solve the problem of double the cost of the new regulation of “Limiting Electric Vehicles”, Shao Zhonglin, deputy secretary-general of China Express, said that the State Post Bureau and relevant ministries and commissions are planning to issue relevant regulations for express vehicles to solve the problem of restricted electric vehicles.


DHL withdrew from China's domestic express delivery market In June, DHL had transferred all the equity of the three companies to Shenzhen Youhe Daotong Industrial Co., Ltd. due to a loss of nearly RMB 100 million in its three domestic courier companies, which in turn drove domestic express delivery. Before this, in 2009 Sinotrans DHL acquired Shanghai Quanzhou Express, Beijing Sinotrans Express and Hong Kong Express Express. At present, there is fierce competition in the domestic express delivery business, foreign express delivery companies lack cost advantages, and the introduction of the new Postal Law has limited impact on foreign companies operating domestic express delivery business.


The express delivery companies will be levied service funds in July. It is reported that the State Post Bureau and the Ministry of Finance will levied postal universal service funds for express delivery companies, and Guangdong has begun market research on the specific issues concerning the acquisition of funds, gradually being marginalized. The mail delivery business has become a burden that the state financial funds are not willing to bear. This matter has aroused the attention of the industry and has also attracted the attention of the public.

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